How to increase Instagram engagement?

Instagram is the most popular social media platform right now: its user base is constantly rising, and it has now surpassed 800 million users.

Given the large number of visitors to this social network, the potential for visibility, reputation, and earnings is clearly immense right now. 

Obviously, to obtain comparable results and earn money with Instagram, you cannot rely on chance or luck; you must have a significant number of followers and, most importantly, build a community of people that are genuinely interested in our person.

Create an intriguing profile.

To gain a large number of followers, the first step is to pique their interest. As a result, creating an interesting profile is a crucial step in gaining more free Instagram followers. But who should be interested in our profile?

It’s impossible to develop a profile that will pique the interest of everyone. As a result, we must define a specific user target to whom we should focus our messages, which must be relevant to their interests.

However, we’ll go over this step in greater detail in the next part because it’s a critical component that if overlooked could cost us even more followers. How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? It needs us to think twice.

Let’s concentrate on constructing the profile now: what do you require? First, we need a name that is logical, rational, and allows our followers to locate us and understand who we are; we also need a description that gives a pretty clear picture of our person and emphasizes the features and characteristics for which we want to be recognized.

The email address, basic information, images, videos, direct, and any activities related to these will be entered next.

Do live feeds exist?

Live broadcasts are particularly useful for attracting Instagram followers, especially if the videos feature content such as new places visited or fascinating activities.

People may contact you more quickly through live broadcasts, and concerts are better.

You must pay greater attention to what you say and pay close attention to every detail.

To start a live video on Instagram, click on your profile photo, then “Live,” and then “Start a live video.” After the live broadcast has concluded, you can share it to make it public for 24 hours, giving others who were unable to view it the opportunity to do so later, before it is completely removed.

Connect Instagram to your other social media accounts.

By connecting Instagram to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can boost the visibility of your images and videos. When you publish something on Instagram, it will be automatically shared on other platforms.

What should I do?


Go to your profile, hit Settings, and then Connected Accounts to select the additional social networks to which all of your Instagram photographs and videos will be automatically published. You can try to use Instagram auto liker without login and without any risk.


On Instagram, we’ve seen how to be followed.

If you’ve just started your account, try to follow all of the suggestions in this post and you’ll notice that you can obtain a lot of followers in a short amount of time if you’re consistent.