FBS Trader: What You Need to Know

FBS trading is a binary options broker that has been around since 2013. FBS opened its doors to the public in 2015 and now offers traders access to hundreds of financial instruments including stocks, commodities, ETFs, currencies pairs, and indices. 

FBS is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) which gives FBS traders confidence knowing they are dealing with a legitimate company. 

This FBS review will cover everything from customer service to the platform itself so you can make an informed decision on whether FBS is right for you. FBS is the best spot for binary options.

Moreover, FBS Trader offers traders access to hundreds of financial instruments FBS regulated by CySEC FBS offers confidence knowing they are dealing with a legitimate company FBS is right for you FBS review covers customer service through the platform itself

Astonishing Benefits of FBS Trading?

FBS is a leading Forex broker that provides traders with low spreads and educational opportunities. They also offer thorough support so you can be confident in your strategy, no matter what level of experience or knowledge about trading on forex markets this isn’t something new for the average person – they’ve got everything at their fingertips as well!

 Leverage of FBS Trading

Leverage doesn’t come in small doses. FBA Brokers offer up to 1:1000 on the Cent Account, 500/ECN, and 3000% for other accounts types with certain limitations. 

For instance, there is a margin call of 40%, which occurs if you try to take too much risk or act irrationally when trading currencies like USD against GBP for example; after that, they can withdraw your money without warning!

 FBS Account Fees

FBS provides a spread of 3 to 1 for EUR/USD. The global firm offers Micro, Standard, and Cent accounts in addition to zero pip spread on Zero and ECN Accounts across the globe. This is not surprising since it has been one of Wall Street’s best-known brokerages since before there were discount brokers!

FBS is a broker that offers traders some of the lowest fees in their industry. The global branch charges $20 per lot on Zero Spread and ECN accounts, as well as lower rates for stock trades with commissions set at 0%. 

In addition to this, they have an account opening fee of just €5 which goes up from there depending on how long you plan to stay active- if your dormant it’ll cost over 180 days then that’s only 50 cents every three weeks!

Additional Bonus for FBS Account

FBS is currently running the Level Up bonus. Open an account and you can receive $70 in bonuses, if enrolled in their app it’s possible to increase this amount up to 140%. Full details about how are on Fbs’ website!

 Safety of an FBS Account

FBS offers a variety of advanced security solutions for their clients to ensure that they are always protected. They use Transport Layer Security (TLS) when transmitting transactional data, which is the foundation of all internet-based communication today.

It provides added protection through encryption algorithms Ordinary users access very basic features like dual-factor authentication at the login stage but FTS also has more robust options available if you need higher levels or granular permissions on your account.