It’s said that DJs are the entertainers of our generation, and thanks to the technosphere, this is now increasingly obvious. 

The term ‘techno’ refers to a music genre that falls under the category of electronic music. It is associated with various technologically advanced instruments to make music with loops of sounds and beats. 

Most of the pleasure comes from the sly referents and the nature of the sound. Considering this, it’s no wonder why techno music is so good.

If you are someone who is yet to be aware of it – we feel bad for you. Chances are, you’ve been listening to Daft Punk, thinking that this is it – this is the high point of techno. But no! There are plenty of other techno artists that are sure to get your body moving, hearts pumping and ears jamming. 

Today’s techno musicians and artists have developed their patterns and styles to electronic music – and listeners love it. Even cities worldwide are presenting homegrown DJs, and there’s been an interest in more intimate, small venues for techno music. 

If you want to listen to incredible techno this year, here’s a list of all the coolest techno artists that’ll make techno your go-to music genre.

  • Skrillex 

Sonny Moore, famously known as Skrillex, went from being an ordinary band member to a sought-after DJ to finally becoming a highly anticipated techno music artist. He has been experimenting with electronic music since he was 15 years old. 

After voyaging with a Punk Rock band as a youngster, Skrillex decided to dive deeper into the world of electronic music. Along with Lee Anderson (the agent for Skrillex), he has dabbled into many musical genres and tends to venture more. 

With various bass and synth melodies, he describes his music composition as “a blend of electro, glitch, and dubstep.” So it goes without saying, Skrillex is – and probably will be – the best and most inspiring techno artist of all time. 

  • David Guetta

David Guetta is one-of-a-kind. His rare perception and innate ability to effortlessly fill the gap between the two worlds of urban music and electronic music has resulted in some of the world’s hottest collaborative efforts – time and again.

He is one of dance music’s biggest names, a two-time GRAMMY® Award-winner with global sales of over 50 million singles and albums, as well as over 10 billion plays on Spotify and YouTube.

His incredible discography includes:

  • Numerous #1 singles.
  • Multiple platinum and gold certifications.
  • Has the most social media followers of any techno artist in history 

It’s all about taking new opportunities to the next level for this boundlessly enthusiastic music-maker, whether that’s closing the tournament under the Eiffel Tower, opening the 2016 Euros in Paris, or performing in front of millions of people on Copacabana Beach for New Year’s Eve.

  • Carl Cox

This British techno DJ is known as the “most prominent techno artist” and the most followed Music producer on Mixcloud. He established the record label “Intec Records,” known as “Intec Digital.”

He also has his radio show, Global, which has been an enormous success and breaks records. He finds the element of surprise in electronic music to be both frightening and wonderful, which he enjoys.

  • Amelie Lens 

Amelie Lens is a record producer, DJ, and part-owner of the Lenske record label from Belgium. 

She is registered to the Pan-Pot imprint Second State Records. She has released several EPs and singles, the most successful of which was the Contradiction EP in 2017. She has also released material on the Elevate labels and Drumcode. 

Her live sets focus on fusing tribal house influences and classic acid with more modern European techno sounds. 

Lens has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, including appearances at LaPlage de Glazart in Paris in 2017 and the Awakenings festival in the Netherlands in 2018.

  • Jeff Mills

One of the most prominent American names in techno right now, Jeff Mills is a DJ and a record producer and composer. Because of his incredible technical abilities during his performances, he’s known as “The Wizard.” 

He is a member of the techno group “Underground Resistance.” As a sci-fi fan, many of his tunes were inspired by classic sci-fi films. He is known for his enthused and never-ending pursuit of a rugged and powerful sound, reminiscent of industrial DJ sets.

His music is very diverse, with him mixing and combining various genres. His albums are lengthy and full of concepts, and he incorporates ambient as well as conventional elements.

  • Blawan

Jamie Roberts has spent the last decade developing his alias, Blawan, through both time on the road and time in the studio – and in the process. In the process, he has created a universe within techno that is all his own. 

Roberts grew up in Barnsley, England, and began his musical career as a drummer – a relic of the past that should not surprise anyone familiar with his productions. 

Indeed, his remix album as Blawan reveals a natural ear for rhythm, whether stridently syncopated, straight, or swinging somewhere in the middle.

  • Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz is a producer, DJ, and singer from Russia. Kraviz’s record releases have slowly grown her fanbase over the last decade. Still, it’s her live sets that have won over the industry. 

Since 2014, she has performed at all of the world’s largest festivals, has been named the world’s best DJ on numerous occasions. She continues to spark debate about the implications of sexuality and femininity in electronic music, making her an exceptional techno artist.

  • Deborah de Luca

Deborah de Luca is an Italian techno artist who has been growing her fan base for over a decade. In 2019, the DJ scene continued to have a sizable female presence. Deborah de Luca is unquestionably at the top of the DJ elite list. 

Although de Luca is less well-known than some other artists on this list, but her music is no less daring. Check out a few of de Luca’s tunes on Soundcloud to get a taste of what she’s capable of.


Phew! It was tough keeping the list restricted to only a few names. However, we did our best to list down artists who have pushed boundaries with their music. 

Looking ahead, we can’t wait to witness what high-profile projects are on the release deck and which artists thrive in live sets. 

So what are you sitting around for? Turn the speakers up, choose your artist, smack the Play button, and get lost in the world of techno!