5 Ukrainian Cities Where the Most Beautiful Brides Live

Ukraine is famous for beautiful intelligent ladies. Have you never been to Ukraine and wonder where to go to meet the lady of your dreams? It is difficult to choose one city only as Ukraine is full of nice ladies looking for long-lasting relationships and romance. 

Nobody knows where you can find your lifetime partner. There are many single women in Ukraine who wouldn’t mind meeting a foreigner. But if you go to Ukraine for the first time, plan a trip to a large city with tons of opportunities.


It’s difficult to find a better city in Ukraine than its capital city Kyiv. It’s a modern city with tons of opportunities. Don’t even doubt that you will meet a good-looking single lady here who will be glad to start a romantic relationship with a foreigner. Most girls in Kyiv can speak English and will be happy to be your guide. 

There are many places that are worth seeing. You can meet your destiny in the park, museum, café, or when having an excursion. Have you found a woman you’d like to date? Don’t waste time and ask her to show you around. Women in Kyiv are very friendly and sociable. You will learn about Ukrainian history, watch local sights, and enjoy communication with smart ladies. 


Kharkiv is the former capital city of Ukraine where you can find many attractive and well-educated ladies. Is it important for you to date not only a pretty lady but one who is smart and intelligent? 

Then, don’t hesitate to visit Kharkiv, the city with numerous colleges and universities. Kharkiv is a great destination if you want to go sightseeing during your visit. You won’t get bored here as there are many parks, museums, restaurants, disco clubs, and other romantic places in Ukraine where you can have fun.


You will definitely fall in love with Odessa – a city of beaches and a calm relaxed lifestyle. You are recommended to go to Odessa either in spring or in summer. You will see hundreds of beauties who wear nice dresses, skirts, shorts, and beachwear. 

Don’t forget to take your swimming trunks to go to the beach party. It’s a great place to meet beautiful single ladies, talk, and entertain yourself. Pay special attention to such beaches as Arcadia and Lanzheron. There are many nightclubs where you can meet lovely girls, dance, and get tons of incredible emotions.


Have you met a lady from Lviv at the dating site and want to visit her? Before you go to this Ukrainian city, learn about the culture. People here are more patriotic than anywhere else in the country. Your woman will definitely appreciate it if you show interest in her culture and traditions. 

Haven’t you found your love yet? Then, don’t hesitate to go to Lviv. It’s the place where nice hospitable ladies live. Lviv is a good choice for foreigners as there are many interesting places for sightseeing. 

You will be able to try tasty Ukrainian cuisine at restaurants, stay at hotels with high-quality service, and enjoy nature which is beautiful here. By the way, girls from Lviv can cook delicious national dishes – borsch and varenyky so that you’ll have a wish to stay in Ukraine forever.


It’s a quiet city with cozy parks where you can meet your destiny. The city is full of pretty ladies who are searching for a husband abroad. Take into account that few ladies in Nikolaev know English well. 

That’s why you are recommended to learn at least several phrases in Ukrainian or Russian before you plan your trip. They will be of great use to you when you meet a nice girl and want to get acquainted with her.

Do you plan to go to Ukraine in the near future? Of course, you can meet your potential bride everywhere. But you should definitely visit the five largest cities of Ukraine listed above. They are full not only of beauty but also well-educated ladies. Go to one of the cities from the list and you are likely to come back home with a bride and build a family based on strong values.