Tired of the Same Weeknight Routine? Here’s How to Switch It Up

We’ve all fallen into a rut here or there in our lives. So there’s this need to build habits to allow us to keep on time for the things that matter in our life, and then this routine becomes a ritual, which becomes mind-numbing sameness.

If you want something fresh to add excitement to your weeknights, you’re not alone!  These are the best ways to switch it up and add some spice to your life.

Change Your Transit

Going to and from work the same way every single day can be one of the most reliable parts of our days.  Why not get creative with it?  Browse the houses for rent in Houston, Texas while you’re on your way back home.  Take side roads you usually wouldn’t go through and don’t be afraid to stop and check out fun or interesting shops while you’re driving!  Treating your commute like a fun little road trip every once in a while can make it a lot more fun.

Sign Up For A Weekly Class

Many of us have been out of school for years and assume we’ll never go back to classes: but why stop?  Continuing to learn can keep your mind sharp and introduce you to new hobbies or interests you might not have found otherwise. So sign up for a class with a couple of friends on a random night of the week.  This little break in the middle of your week will give you a moment to pull your mind away from work and personal life stress and will provide you with a chance to focus on improving and learning.

Create A Hobby For Yourself

If you don’t have a creative hobby, you’re missing out!  You don’t have to become the next Michaelangelo or aim to be a fancy pastry chef: but taking up a creative hobby will give you something rewarding to do on your own.  If you want to make it even more exciting, set a goal to try a new hobby at least once a month.  You could even theme entire months around specific hobbies if you get to set aside one night every week for them.  You may find that you’re extremely skilled at something you didn’t expect, which can make every week more exciting.

Take Your Partner on Impromptu Dates

Many people stop dating their partners the moment they get married, and it’s such a waste!  There’s something fun and exciting about going on a date, even if it’s with someone you’ve been in a relationship with for ten or thirty years.  Surprise them with the food they like, an outing they’ll find exciting, and a thoughtful gift.  You don’t have to do this every week, but shaking it up here or there will ensure that your relationship stays healthier, and you can learn more about each other.

Weeknights are wasted time that could be put to use in much better ways. Instead, use these moments to get to know yourself and those in your life, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your weeks a lot more.