Famous Bollywood Casino Movies

Indian films are not just three-hour songs from Bollywood. In recent years studios from the south of India have successfully mastered such genres as action and sci-fi. We have compiled a few of the incredible and unique genre works of modern Indian cinema, among which there are pictures of casinos.

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Bollywood’s blockbusters and more

A vast industry, second only to Hollywood in the world. An audience that far exceeds one billion people. Stars whose names are known outside Muslim countries but who are revered as gods in their homeland. Indian cinema is multi-faceted, totally modern, and worth getting to know anew. So let’s try to figure out where to start.


One of the most popular Indian films of recent years looks more like a naughty European comedy in style and plot. Movie star and producer Aamir Khan plays a naive alien, P.K., stranded on Earth during his research expedition and now tries to find his way home. And at the same time, he appeals to the inhabitants of our planet with his eccentric behavior and “silly” questions.


Another hit from Aamir Khan, but it’s not a comedy, it’s a real sports drama, and it’s also about emancipation. The hero is a professional wrestler who had no sons but daughters. And since he had a dream that his son would be a champion, he started coaching girls and achieved great success, although those around him do not always like it.

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The plot of “Scorpion” is almost identical to that of Luc Besson’s iconic drama. The spoiled daughter of wealthy parents loses everything at some point when brutal gangsters shoot her family. Seeking refuge, she knocks on her neighbor’s apartment, where Jiva, a professional hitman, lives. After learning his story, the girl asks him to teach her the art of murder to avenge her family. It would seem to be a line-by-line retelling of “Leon.” However, in the Indian film, the main character, Kiran Bali, is 22 years old, not twelve, like Matilda. And the killer himself does not die in the finale.

36 China Town

Mrs. Sushmita is a casino owner. What she calls simply business corrupts souls and irreparably harms people by getting them hooked on gambling addiction. One day her five-year-old son disappears, and the worried mother promises a generous reward to whoever brings back her only child. In an attempt to earn money for good deeds, Raj and Priya meet. They manage to find a child who has become their mutual friend, calling them Mom and Dad. And because of the child, they pretended to be married.

World-famous casino movies

When mentioning the topic of casino movies, one cannot ignore the representatives of the world cinematography. 

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Games of chance are frequently the central element of both excellent pieces of literature and ingenious movie scripts.

From gambling addiction, mysticism, and fortune, to banal crime in the Ocean’s Friends trilogy, gambling can be simply a signifier and, at the opposite, have a vital role in developing the plot.

In many cases, because of such works, people form a distorted view of the gambling industry.

But there are also many worthy examples in the movie world that tell about the hidden sides of casinos and gambling and real-life stories about gambling that changed many people’s lives.

The Gambler 

A cult drama about gambling tells the story of a literature teacher, Axel Fried, addicted to sports betting.

Having picked up a few ideas from Dostoyevsky’s novel The Gambler, Fried becomes obsessed with his desire to make money from gambling and soon loses a fortune.

Having saved up the last of his cash, the ex-teacher sets off for Las Vegas, wishing to get even, but they’re more disappointments and strokes of fate wait for him.

After a series of fortunate events, Freed still recovers his debt, but this adventure completely changes his life.

The Big Game 

This contemporary drama is based on a businesswoman who was blamed for running underground high-stakes poker games and online bingo in uae.

Because of significant trauma, Bloom is forced to end her career in sports skiing, after which she accidentally ends up working at an underground casino in Los Angeles.

Quickly mastering all the intricacies of the gambling business, the heroine scandals with her management and soon opens her casino.

The payback for the entrepreneur’s rapid success is her conflicts with the mafia, physical violence, and the seizure of all her assets. At the same time, Bloom does not reveal the names of her enemies and pleads guilty in court.


In this movie, the history of both love and troubles in family life is told through the probably major game of gambling – poker.

Talented gambler Huck Cheever wants to get to the prestigious poker tournament, but for this, he needs to collect an insurmountable amount of money.

Daring to steal from his beloved and mired in debt, Cheever still makes his way to the tournament, but ahead of him awaits a challenging game at the final table against his father.

The strained family relationship is decided in the last deal, in which the protagonist makes an unexpected decision.


Far from the most famous picture starring Kevin Spacey tells the story of some Massachusetts Institute of Technology students and a faculty member to win a casino.

Formerly a famous card player, now professor of higher mathematics and probability theory Mickey Rosa is looking for bright students who should help him beat the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, time after time breaking a lot at the table to play blackjack.

At first, everything goes according to plan for the team, but soon serious scandals break out between them, and the players set each other up.

One of the key players in the plot turns out to be a casino watcher that has known the protagonist for a while and is after him.


In this film, the main character did not play against the casino, but for it.

The title of the English-language film (Cooler) references an unlucky man who works in a casino and simply by his presence makes other players lose.

In debt of a large amount of money to one of the Mafia clans that own a casino in Las Vegas, “Cooler,” Bernie Lutz slowly emerges from his role as a loser and tries to get out of the casino.