6 conditional rules to adhere to when playing casino games

Conditional rules are those which are triggered by specific actions. They take the guesswork and thinking out of decision-making as the decision is made beforehand. For example, if you go to work on time, you will not get fired. There is no thinking involved in this rule.

You could say that there are four types of conditional statements, but for this article, we will look at only one class; the first conditional. This type of conditional statement talks about scenarios that might occur and the consequences of those scenarios. You can create conditional rules that dictate how you will behave in the future when the specified conditions occur.

Here are some conditional statements you should consider adding to your casino senza AAMS playing rulebook.

1.  If I have drunk X bottles, I will stop playing.

There is no question that being intoxicated affects how you make decisions, think and react. Studies have shown that drugs affect the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for these functions. If you use this rule in this way, you expect that that number of bottles will intoxicate you to the point where you stop being fully in control of all your faculties.

Alternative rule

You can alter the rule in this way. If I have drunk X bottles, then I will stop drinking or stop playing. In this case, the number should be lower than the number in the rule above.

2.  If I have won X games, I will stop playing.

Let’s say you visit the Sloto Cash online casino and are having a lucky streak. The intuitive decision is to ride the streak until the end, but how will you know you are at the end. It is not uncommon to hear of people who experienced a winning streak only to lose all the money they had won. This is in line with the saying ‘what goes up must come down’. If you are experiencing a lucky streak, lock in your winnings after a specified number of won games and go home.

3.  If I have lost X games, I will stop playing.

This rule is the opposite of the above rule. Experiencing multiple continuous losses can leave you feeling sad and desperate. In that state, you may want to gamble more in an attempt to win back the lost money. This is often a recipe for disaster for two reasons.

A.  You are making emotional, not rational decisions.

This is not a case for rational decision-making being more critical than logical or irrational decision-making. Science has shown that there needs to be a balance of emotional and rational decision-making. If you notice that your emotions are overwhelming when you’re gambling, it’s often best to stop and get control of them before proceeding.

B.  You stand to lose a lot more money.

If you experience many losses, you stand to fall into the trap of overbetting to try and win back the lost money. In forex trading, this is called revenge trading. When you do this, you could either win back your money or lose even more money. In most cases, since revenge betting is fuelled predominantly by your feeling brain, there is a high likelihood of losing more than your winning.

Simply put, if you are experiencing a losing streak, it’s better to leave the casino for that time and do something else. You can always come back later and try again.

4.  If I have spent X amount, I will stop playing

This can be part of your money management strategy. Money management in gambling involves several factors, the main one being always having a gambling bankrolL. Gambling should be fun, and it can only remain fun if you are not worried about losing the money you have.

What are some money management rules;

  1. Never borrow money to gamble.
  2. Don’t gamble to win money for specific use like rent.
  3. Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.
  4. Don’t play any game you do not understand

5.  If I have been playing for X period, I will go home.

As the English saying goes, ‘too much of anything is poisonous,’ and gambling is no exception. Unless you are a professional gambler, you should strive to limit how much you gamble in one session. This is one great way to keep it enjoyable. Additionally, this rule will significantly complement your money management strategy. There are only so many games you can play in a set period, meaning it’s harder to exceed your bankroll.

6.  If I feel I need to hide the extent of my gambling, I will stop playing for X period.

One of the hallmark signs of addiction to any substance or activity is hiding the extent of the abuse. That sign also applies to problem gambling. Statistics estimate that at least 1% of the adult US population has a severe addiction to gambling. It’s normal to find yourself overindulging in something enjoyable, including gambling. What you do when you notice is critical. First, it may be helpful to look at the other symptoms of problem gambling to see if you fit that category. Secondly, it may be best to think about why you gamble compulsively and what steps to take to recover.


Gambling is an excellent leisurely activity. Technology has made it possible to gamble in the comfort of your home with some of the best quality games. However, without some guidelines for your gambling, it would be easy from an enjoyable activity to a great source of distress.