3 reasons why Slingo should be the next game on your agenda

The gaming industry is constantly evolving — one moment we were all happily playing on our handheld consoles, and now we’re wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets, living and playing inside the game itself. 

Well, believe it or not, casino gaming is no exception and is continually transforming thanks to advancements in technology and creative developments in the industry that have allowed new, exciting games like Slingo to become available online. 

What is Slingo you ask? Well, it’s a hybrid between a Bingo game and a slot machine, which makes for some thrilling gameplay, and what’s more, it’s really easy to get the hang of! Just like Bingo, the aim of the game is to complete your Bingo card, or complete patterns or lines on the card, in order to win a prize. Slingo spices up the game by incorporating a set of reels that will be adorned with numbers or symbols that correspond with those on your Bingo card. All you need to do is spin the reels to find these numbers and symbols so that you can check them off on your card and win some juicy jackpot prizes! 

Are you ready to play, or do you need convincing further? If so, here are three reasons why Slingo should be the next game that you play.

1.  Slingo has some exciting features

Bingo is an iconic, classic game and its nostalgic feel, with the exciting premise of crossing off numbers, has seen it remain a favorite on online gaming sites. However, if you’re looking for more thrills, spills, and some additional features to keep you on the edge of your seat, then Slingo definitely delivers. 

In a Slingo game, you could bag multipliers when spinning the reels, which could reward you with some free spins, enhancing your gameplay and increasing your chances of winning. Additionally, you could spin into a frenzy and unlock a bonus round or mini-game, which will see you transported to another section of the game, where you could win additional prizes! 

2.  You can sample a free play versio

The beauty of online gaming is that, as well as being on-demand, convenient, and providing you with unbeatable variety, many online sites provide you with free games so that you can sample them before depositing your cash. Slingo is no exception, so you could try the game for free to see for yourself what all the fuss is about and to hone your skills. That way when the time comes for you to play for real money, you’re ready to rule the reels. 

3.  Exciting themed games

We can’t dispute the fact that a traditional game of Bingo can be fun and entertaining, but modern gamers crave variety, elaborate graphics and animations, and relevant, popular themes. Slingo may be new, but online sites are adding to their Slingo gaming section regularly, meaning you can sample the latest and greatest themes, staying one step ahead of the game. You could be the latest contestant on your favorite gameshow playing Slingo Britain’s Got Talent, or sample some popular branded Slingo games, such as Slingo Rainbow Riches


We’re sure that you’ll love Slingo! It combines two of the most popular games, resulting in the creation of a fast-paced, yet classic feel, which can be intriguingly themed and include some tempting jackpot prizes. What’s not to love?