The Importance of Social Media to Stars

Do musicians need social media? This is one question that has taken the marketing industry by storm. Nowadays it seems like everyone, including their pets, have their own social media profiles on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. There is a good reason for this, and we look at a few reasons why for musicians, being on social media can be a huge advantage to boost their careers.


Social media marketing is one of the best ways for many organizations to get their products and services out to the public. Promoting these to the public is a constant battle and for the most part, being on the right platform has a lot to do with it. 

Many sectors, from the entertainment industry to the gambling and casino sectors, take advantage of this availability to show people they exist. Some of the most popular platforms such as have spent millions promoting their services and online games via different marketing platforms, and social media has been one of the top ones on that list. 

Much in the same way as these industries above, musicians, too, need to be promoted to grow their fan base and audience. If they do not get their gigs filled up, they don’t make money. Facebook to date has over 2 billion active users and Instagram has over 1 billion users and counting. There are still other platforms available such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest that also have space for people to showcase their skills and talents. Each with its unique users.  

Successful Social Media Marketing

If used in an intelligent manner, social media can be a huge influence on the lives of musicians. It can lead to engagement, and an increase in audience, as well as sales of songs. Below we look at a few ways to successfully use this platform to market yourself:

The right platform. One of the first things to consider in choosing the right social media platform. Creating a bunch of flashy images on the wrong platform won’t get you very far, however using the appropriate one such as Instagram or Spotify for instance, can help your goal significantly.

Research and understand your target audience. Doing some background homework on the type of users that participate on the different platforms will help you decide where to place your promotional material to get the best out of it. 

Using analytics. This is one of the best ways to find out if people are clicking and interacting with your advert or post. Different social media spaces have different analytics. It can help to figure out how your audience is interacting with your content and if at all they are. It can also help show where you can make improvements and get an idea of what your competitor’s numbers look like.

Interaction. Finding fans is one thing but the communication needs to be constant. Sharing images of gigs, or commenting on someone’s post gives the feel of a human being on the other side. Don’t just write generic replies, make it more personal and engage with your fans regularly.

Linking. One great way of placing information across all platforms is by linking them with each other. Using the same account name and profile bio and image across all the spaces is a great way to show your fans who you are.  Many social media tools can help you do this.  

How Musicians Can Benefit From Using Social Media

There are a few good reasons why musicians and celebrities use these different options to promote themselves, not just through their PR (public relations) services but themselves. 

  • You can be more visible to your audience all the time
  • You can build relationships and loyalty by posting different things
  • You can reach more people
  • You can improve on your skills

It is plain to see how important these tools are to musicians and anyone else who is looking to promote themselves.