The 3 Best Tips for How To Produce a Hit Song as a Beginner!

Whether you’ve been in the business for years or are just starting as an amateur music producer, there are always tips and techniques you can follow to enhance the quality of your work. 

You have to keep learning, evolving, and improving your output if you want to become the best music producer you know you can be. With how much the music business has changed over the past couple of decades, you’ll never grow as a music producer if you’re not looking for ways to refine your skills, no matter how good you think you are. 

Check out these three critical tips to improve your craft and produce hit songs one after the other, learn more about it.

1. Connect Yourself With Good Musicians

Developing a good relationship between yourself and musicians with great potential will give the both of you the chemistry you will need to produce nothing but hits.  

Most songs bang because the singer poured their emotions into their work, and this is something you need the artist to accomplish. However, this can only happen if they’re comfortable around you. 

As the producer, you are basically the project manager, so try and connect with the musicians you work with on a personal level. Spending time with them outside the studio is one way of making sure you’re all on the same page. 

2. Learn Your Mistakes and Willingly Receive Concrete Criticism

Any experienced producer will tell you that sometimes there are happy accidents you’ll make that will improve the sound of the truck despite you not being intentional about it. However, this won’t always be the case.  

As someone with the dream of having a career as a music producer, you need to understand that the best advice will, more often than not, come from people who’ve already succeeded in the field. 

For instance, signing up for updates from Producer Confidential is a good way of learning from renowned music producers and what they do to ensure they only release hit after hit.

3. Work Where You Feel Most Comfortable

You’ll want to be at your most creative to produce a hit song. As such, try and work in spaces that will get you ‘in the zone’ both physically and mentally. As a beginner, you don’t have to be in a real, professional studio. Not only can it be intimidating for you as an amateur, but it can also cost you a lot in rental hours. 

Make sure you work in a conducive, comfortable space without any distractions so you can concentrate on producing hits.

The Bottom Line

When the tempo, drums, melodies, and vocals are clicking, you’ll find that engineering music can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll get to experience every day. Of course, there are certain downsides to music production such as how long it might take you before you establish yourself in the music industry.

However, you need to realize that success isn’t always measured by how much money you make from your craft but how much fun you have doing what you love.