Secrets your exterminator won’t reveal to you – Staying aware

Can there be anything more irritating and frustrating than walking into the kitchen at midnight to be welcomed by cockroaches or opening the garage to find a swarm of termites? There are Wixom exterminators who are not only trustworthy but also reputable for offering the best possible pest control services. 

The pest control firm you appoint is supposed to assist you in eliminating the creepy crawlies around your house. But hey there, before surrendering your house to them, keep in mind that you may end up in more problems than what you began with. 

While there are times when you earnestly need an exterminator, there are also times when you actually don’t need one. Here are a few secrets that pro exterminators will never reveal to you. 

*You might not require the interference of an exterminator

Yes, you can’t escape without facing this fact. We all co-exist with household pests and they’ve become our lifelong guests. Regardless of how clean your house is, bugs will still enter either through your shoes or through the fur of your pets or even through groceries. Hence, your ultimate goal should be to make sure pests are at their minimum level and not always pest-free!

*Your trash can could be inviting fleas inside your home

Are you left wondering about how the flies are entering your home despite maintaining a clean house? Well, the reason might be the trash can that you left in the garage waiting for it to be collected on the collection day. This garbage could probably be inviting all those houseflies in your house. How can you be less welcoming to houseflies? You have to choose a trash can that has a tightly fitted lid. You may even spray borax inside for added protection.

*All bugs aren’t bad

Though bugs usually earn a bad reputation, yet there are many that are actually beneficial. Did you know that beetles and ladybugs feed on other insects which, if left alive, could damage your vegetable and rose garden? You might be someone who detests bugs in any form but these bugs could be allowed to stay there without harming you.


*Never be convinced by a house inspection

A house inspection is all about getting that certification of ‘termite-free’. A home inspection involves visual inspection and this may not generate trustworthy results if there is no live activity during the inspection. Unless the termites are moving, the house inspector won’t notice it. Hence, while purchasing a property, get records of pest control from the seller or the exterminator of the seller. 

*The pesticide sprays are harmful and toxic

The chemicals that are used by these pro exterminators are indeed toxic and harmful for adults, children and pets. They may lead to health issues for you and for your pets. Hence, if the matter can be resolved DIY, it is better not to seek professional help. 

*They may be thrifty with the amount of spray to use

Before any exterminator company sprays, it assesses the area around the house to decide on the accurate amount of chemicals required. Legally, companies are supposed to apply the amount that is already mentioned on the label of the spray. But there are several shady exterminators who would probably be undertreating your house and taking away the money from you. 

So, before you appoint an exterminator, ask as many questions as you can. What are the chemicals that you use? How long may you take to spray the entire house area? Did you ever fail to eliminate pests in any house? Did you follow up after you failed with extermination? Don’t forget to check their certification and licensing too.