E-Cigarettes: Everything You Need to Know

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are becoming popular today. They are known for many different names such as mods, disposable vapes, e-cigs, vape pens, tank systems, and e-hookahs. They come in varied shapes and sizes. Some of them look like regular cigarettes while others look utterly different. These devices are battery-operated. They work by heating an e-liquid for it to become aerosol which will then be inhaled and exhaled by the user. Usually, an e-cigarette contains propylene glycol, nicotine, glycerin, flavorings, and other chemical substances. 

Are They Regulated?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented regulations for e-cigarette manufacturers to follow. An example regulation is that only those who are 21 years old are allowed to buy e-cigs. Researchers are still working on acquiring more information about e-cigarettes and their manner of use. This may eventually lead to more regulations and can help provide accurate public information. Vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes is popular among young ones. In fact, it is the most popular tobacco form among young people in the United States. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Some of the regulations set by the FDA include: ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, require the placement of health warnings on cigarette labels, prohibition on vending machine selling of e-cigarettes except in areas where minors are prohibited, require an FDA review of the manufacturersmarketing plans, ban free samples of e-cigarettes, a requirement on an FDA approval for any claims of e-cigarette benefits from the manufacturers, and manufacturersrequirement to provide a list of their productsingredients.

 How Do E-cigarettes Work?

The majority of electronic cigarettes are composed of the following parts: mouthpiece, atomizer, battery, sensor, and solution. The mouthpiece is the cartridge that is fixed to a tubes end. Inside it, you will find a small plastic cup that contains an absorbent material that is soaked in a solution. The atomizer is what heats the liquid, producing vapor in the process so that the person will be able to inhale it. The battery is the one responsible for providing power to the heating element. The sensor is the one responsible for activating the heater when the user starts to such on the e-cig. Lastly, there is the solution which is called e-liquid or e-juice. This is composed of nicotine, a base that is most often propylene glycol, and flavorings.

Once the user sucks on the device, the heating element turns the solution into vapor, which will be inhaled by the user. The nicotine level of the liquid may range from very high to zero. Flavors vary and you can choose from the traditional flavor like menthol and to the more uncommon lava flow and watermelon. Some mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes and even those of specific brands. It is simple to find this device, just type disposable vape near me on the search engine.

Do E-cigarettes Aid in Quitting Smoking?

Evidence on the role of e-cigarettes in quitting smoking is limited. So far, there are two randomized tests conducted that tackled quitting tobacco smoking. Both studies established that e-cigarettes may truly help smokers to quit. 

A recent study also showed that vaping is two times as effective NRTs in helping smokers to quit tobacco smoking. A clinical trial done in the UK compared 886 people who used NRTs alongside disposable vapes. After a year, 10 percent of the NRT group remained as non-smokers while 18 percent of the vaping group remained non-smokers. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, 2019, e-cigarettes are more effective as a tobacco cessation aid compared to any nicotine replacement therapy when these two products were provided the same behavioral support.

 What is known now is that e-cigarettes dont burn tobacco, and this means they dont put smoke into ones body. They may still have toxic chemicals. Currently, there are no exact regulations on the chemical composition of e-cigarettes. That means that we really dont know the chemicals that are found in each brand or flavor. The long-term effects of inhaling such chemicals have not been tested.

When you vape, it is crucial to come up with a long-term plan to quit vaping too. You need not rush on it too. You may stay on the vape for as long as you have to stay away from tobacco smoke. There are two ways to taper off vaping and stop in the long run: through nicotine strength reduction and changing your vaping habits. Its best to quit with other people for you to get the right support you need. You can find many online groups and local vaping support groups to help you with quitting. Seek advice and inspiration from those who already succeeded in quitting.


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