All You Need To Know About Real Human Hair Wig

Once you decide to start using wigs to add to the crowning glory, it is important to know everything about the human hair wig to ensure that you make the right decision.

As the product description suggests, real human hair wigs are made from donated or harvested human hair that provides the look and feel of natural hair.  Unlike synthetic wigs, they last longer and allows more coloring and styling options.

As you ensure the best hair care for your natural hair by using the best hair cleaning and nourishing products, the human hair wig should also be given a similar treatment. Following the below-mentioned steps will help you guide the steps for the care of your precious real human hair wig.

  • Remove the tangles as soon you remove the wig and place it on the mannequin, and before washing the wig.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the wig hair.
  • Do not soak the wig for cleaning. Run lukewarm water through the wig in one direction to wet your wig.
  • Apply human hair wig shampoo starting from the top through the strand to the end. Use only the best wig shampoo to maintain the texture and shine of the wig hair.
  • Do not rub the shampoo as it may tangle the wig hair while losing the shine and texture of the wig hair. Rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • Condition your wig with recommended human hair wig conditioner. Leave it for five minutes and rinse it thoroughly such that no traces of shampoo or conditioner are left.
  • Let the wig dry on its own without using any heat or dryer. Dry it in the shady areas only to protect it from sun damage.

Advantages of human hair wig:

As mentioned above, it gives a natural look and texture of natural hair. This also means that you can style these wigs the way you want to. However, the heat might damage them easily as it damages natural hair. Thus it is advised that you curl them or style them the right way. 

As you can curl or set your natural hair without the use of a dryer with the help of rollers or damp towels, wig hair too can be curled and styled the natural way. While the wig is wet, use hair doughnuts, plaitings, rollers to create those desired curls. And, if you feel that it is necessary to use the heat-generating hair styling tool, we recommend that it should be used only and only if it is necessary. Use only the human hair wig-specific protective products like serum, to hold the style.

Another advantage is that you can add fun colors to your wig. Yes, the real human hair wigs can be dyed or bleached as done for natural hair. However, dyes and bleaches contain chemicals, and overuse of such products can damage your wig. It is recommended that if you want to experiment with colors on your head, you must opt for colored wigs from Nia wigs. Do take the advice of a professional hairstylist before coloring your wig. Any wrong process or product can lead to permanently damaging your wig.

Conclusion: Wigs are the crowning glory of individuals. Consider and understand all the aspects of wigs before deciding on one. Having said that, real human hair wigs are highly recommended provided you take care of them as advised. Ensure that you do not sleep with your wig on and keep it clean all the time. To ensure the long life of your wig, store it as instructed by ensuring that the cap is not stretched. Browse the wide range of high-quality wigs from Nia wigs and find the best one for yourself.