The Ideal Way To Finish High School With A Bang -2021 Guide

Life is a tumultuous and fast-paced experience. You never imagined that this day would come, let alone so soon, yet it has! Finishing high school, or rather, your adolescent years may be a bittersweet experience. 

On the one hand, you’re getting closer to your dreams and exploring the real world, while on the other hand, you’re saying goodbye to carefree days with your childhood pals, old teachers, and, most importantly, your family.  

This isn’t the time to cry; instead, it’s the moment to take charge and make the most of this magnificent year instead of burying your head in books and college applications. To accomplish those mentioned above, you’ll need the correct attitude and strategy, which we can help you with.

As a senior in high school, here’s how you can be a jack of all trades: 


 The high school serves as a window or, more accurately, a trailer for the film college. It’s a high-pressure situation in which you can’t afford to make mistakes. That being said, it might all be a bit overwhelming, which is why you need a strategy. 

Keeping an organized planner/calendar on hand is the most excellent approach to schedule or, instead, prioritize chores. It is vital that you hold track of your deadlines on an organized calendar to prepare ahead of time and avoid missing important deadlines. 

Not only that but using a planner will help you develop a habit that you will thank yourself for later in college.


In high school, the world is truly your oyster. There’s a lot to look forward to for you. That being said, it is serious that you are aware of all the options available to you before making an informed selection. 

There are many colleges to determine from, but none of them will fit your personality or, more significantly, your final aim. Before making the appropriate option, there are a few things you should think about with all institutions.  

The following are a few of the prospects:        

  • Is it a long way from home?
  • Class size (Are you okay with attending a large school?)
  • Budget (Does it fit within your spending plan?)
  • Living environment (Are there places to live on and off-campus?)
  • Major (Is it appropriate for the major you want to pursue?)
  • Life after graduation (What is the employment rate of its graduates?)

Along with the characteristics above and questions, you should ask yourself and talk to your family and guidance counselors about them. After you’ve limited down your list of ideal universities, you’ll need to get to work. 

Working toward them now entails not only devoting most of your days to writing that college essay but also paying attention to it. 

Visiting prospective colleges can provide you with more information about an institution than the prospectus can. It provides a highly individualized experience, making it much easier for you to make the best selection possible. 

Pro Tip: You can again do it yourself; you do not need to travel in this pandemic condition. You can still approach your dream college while sitting in your bedroom and obtain the information you require.

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Furthermore, once you’ve completed all of your work, double-check that you’re not only applying to one or two schools, which means you’ll need to submit multiple applications.


After you’ve mapped out your alternatives and scheduled your trips, it’s time to go to work on making them a reality. Starting with your SAT or ACT score, strive to complete it during your junior year since you will have far less to trouble about. 

 With a stellar SAT/ACT score under your belt, it’s critical to work on increasing or maintaining your GPA if it’s currently stellar. It’s vital to improve or maintain your marks, which is why you should set aside some time each night after school for review. 

This way, you’ll be more prepared the next day and keep the information better, resulting in fewer breakdowns before the pop-up quiz.

As a result, attempt to show as much of your individuality as possible in that essay. The easiest method to avoid submitting amateur papers is to have them reviewed by your guidance counselor, favorite teacher, and even friends and family.


Make the most of your senior year. Spend as much capacity time as possible with your friends and family. 

 Don’t give in to the pressures of school and college applications; instead, enjoy some fun with your friends while you still can!


Thank you for picking up the time to study my tips on being a rock star in the coming future.

You may not find everything helpful, but most of these suggestions should be quite beneficial for you.

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