Possibly the Best Gambling Songs Ever?

We all have our favorite genre in music and when you search Google for songs about gambling they are as diverse as our choices. Below are a few of the favorite ones that have stood the test of time and remain, to this day, some of the best gambling songs ever. 

Best Lyrics 

For those that enjoy great lyrics St John The Gambler by Townes van Zandt comes pretty close to some of the best even if it isn’t the best gambling song by the musician, but Townes van Zandt is a lyrical masterpiece in its own right, especially if you are in a mellow mood. 

Ace of Spades by Hayseed Dixie

Yep, the more known version is by Motorhead, the original version. So popular is this gambling song that it was even used in an episode of the British soap opera Emmerdale, but perhaps to revitalize this played-out song try checking out possibly the best cover version of Ace of Spades sung in a bluegrass style that you just might enjoy. 

Reading Between the Lines

Some songs have to be looked into a little deeper to identify them as a gambling song and this applies to Atlantic city sung by Bruce Springsteen. The undertones or Atlantic city are definitely there though as the city is one of the world’s greatest gambling havens and destinations. With lines like ‘There’s winners and there’s losers, and I am south of the Line’ The song’s story is about a working-class guy down on his luck, who edges towards organized crime to make ends meet.

The Blues

Possibly one of the best ever blues singers, the late, great BB King sang Gambler’s Blues which sounded amazing live and although technically, it’s not really about gambling per se with lines like ‘I don’t claim to be no gambler people, I don’t know much about the dice’ the song still brilliantly narrates a lover’s blues caused by gambling. 

Gambling Songs and the Online Casino 

Online gambling software developers have partnered with musicians incorporating many great songs into their games. The atmosphere generated by a great song whilst playing simply adds to the excitement and overall enjoyment of any game you happen to be playing. 

A site like fruityking.co.uk makes use of only the major players in the online gambling software developers with names like Microgaming and NetEnt providing just some of the games on offer. As only the best casino software developers are used then players are ensured a fully immersive experience that is both fun and entertaining. 

You can expect to hear some brilliant songs about gambling as well as some iconic movie audio clips that compliment many of the themed slots games on offer – and all taking place in an environment that is both safe, secure and jam-packed with only the most popular games today.