Plastic Cups Screen Printing

Customized advertising cups are among the most effective marketing gifts that can use by any company. The explanation for their success is straightforward: people can not get enough of them. These are the best advertising items to represent at any trade show. This drinkware item is popular among coffee lovers and anybody who enjoys a cup of tea as well as chocolate coffee in the morning. 

Promotional Coffee Mug Visibility 

These statistics clearly show that individuals in American are most willing to appreciate you if they get a personalized and unique cup from you. This is because personalized mugs are very beneficial to anybody. They have used it at the house to enhance their cup of coffee and store this on their table at work for a midnight coffee break. Advertising cups with a logo can use by anybody, making them an excellent marketing strategy for your company, visit for better knowledge. 

Custom Promotional Mugs Allow for Maximum Imagination 

Along with its usefulness and efficiency, utilizing personalized cups as marketing gifts allows you to be more creative than notebooks or keyrings. With a larger area to operate with, your staff may use various themes to attract the attention of new consumers. Suppose you give them out as presents to the target audience for particular campaigns or give them out to prospective clients at gatherings. In that case, promotional cups help you successfully market your business.

Some Techniques of Coffee Mug Printing

At ONCETECH before you place an order with your most trustworthy marketing item provider, it is beneficial to learn how promotional handmade cups are made. Choose the design method that produces the best results for your advertising coffee cups. You can make a decision based on your budget, styling, and object longevity requirements.

Below Are Different Ways To Print On Coffee Mugs

Customized Mugs with Immediate Screen Printing 

Direct printing is mainly utilized on ceramic and panels of cups for low-cost design. 

Screen printing on a coffee cup: You’ll want to have a screen printing machine, which sends paint throughout a metal plate and across a template of a layer mask. The mask has small gaps, which impact the transparent image is creat on the cup. Such a method is generally appropriate to basic or small shapes and less challenging picture verification and overlapped colors. It is also incapable of making complicated pixel colors since every color stays in its location and is independent of the surrounding paint. But, as much as you printed them correctly and maintained your image clean, those low-cost marketing cups will do the business. 

Transfer or Litho Print Logos on Mugs

Transfer painting, often known as litho printing, is a traditional design technique on panels of China cups, stoneware, and porcelain. 

To litho print on a cup, follow these steps: The image is litho-printed on material stock before being fill on a cup. After covering, the idea is placed in a water slide transference and manually set to the ceramic mugs. When opposed to the current printing process, this technique is slower and exceptionally works. It is highly color scheme and features multiple printers.