Gift Ideas for Musicians

Finding the perfect gift for the musicians has never been easier! So much music is created online and with digital tools that almost everyone has. That being said, what kind of music, style, and listening preference all make a difference when choosing gifts for musicians. Some may be more into streaming and listening to playlists, while others might be fans of the classic album. Some might have a more modern style, others more vintage. Some are fans of Rock, others of Hip-hop, and some are hooked on the DJ and nightlife culture. Whatever their specific interests are, getting them a gift that reflects their passion for music is a wonderful way to show care for someone in your life. Take a look at this list of ideas to help you find the perfect fun gift for the musician in your life.


Are they a Beatles fan? Maybe someone who would appreciate Rolling Stones apparel? A super easy option for any music fan or musician is to look into the merch of artists they love! This can be a great way to support the artist they love in a direct way and give them something they can wear to celebrate their unique taste. Nowadays, many artists are relying on merchandise sales to support their careers in a time when live music is only just beginning to return. Buying merch from any artist or venue helps support a diverse community of creators and crew members who help bring us the music we love. 

It’s important to know that when buying gifts for a musician, you should always take the time to research the industry and find out what retailers are the best to purchase from. Remember, you are supporting a community when you support your musician friends! 

Practice Space Additions 

Any musician you meet will have a dedicated space to practice or compose in their home. Something you can think about when looking for gift ideas are accessories to improve on their practice space or studio. Having a clean, streamlined workspace does a great deal to keep the fun in making music. 

Skyfloat is a magnetic ceiling-mounted device holder and is a great gift for any practicing or professional musician. Not every musician reads music, but every musician uses charts or lyric sheets to learn and follow new songs. Traditionally, musicians will use a music stand with sheet music or charts on the stand, and make notes on the music itself. The ability to suspend a device capable of displaying sheet music or charts would be a great addition to any studio or practice space. Additionally, this little gadget is a great way for a musician to stick out if they have guests in their studio! 


A classic in any collection of gifts for musicians, vinyl records are a no-brainer for any music fan. Vinyl has had a huge resurgence in recent years likely as a response to the massive streaming market. Vinyl holds sentimental value for people and if bands can get their records pressed, there is a huge market of music and audio enthusiasts to reach. 

While many streaming services offer nearly lossless audio quality, there is an undeniable warmth with a premium quality pressing. Make sure though, if you purchase records for your musician friends, that they own a record player! 

What’s their style? 

Aesthetics and style are a big part of any musician’s life. Depending on what kind of music they make, that might greatly impact how they present themselves. If you know your musician well enough you might be able to get them a really great accessory or garment for their next show. 

You’ll want to make sure that you know what style to look for. Would something modern fit their style? Or something with a more retro vibe? Modern styles are widely available online, but luckily there are plenty of online vintage markets for those with a more old-school look. Keep your musician looking slick and they’ll appreciate it forever. 

Gifts for Music Makers 

Is the person in mind a composer or producer? If recording and composing music is their thing, cool gifts to check out are sound and MIDI collections. Unison MIDI chord packs contain just about every fundamental chord progression to get any track going and basslines, leads, and pads to go along with all of them. 

Chord packs are great for producers because they can help get out of writer’s block. When a producer is stuck on a track, hearing something new over it can really help push the track forward. Especially if it’s just one person in the room. The great thing about MIDI packs is that you can use the progressions and melody lines with any instrument. They’re really made to give the producer inspiration on where to go next. 

Celebration Accessories 

Depending on what kind of music someone is into, there might be different accessories you can look into to help them enjoy what they love most! Glow sticks, LED gloves, light-up bracelets and glow-in-the-dark wearables are a few examples of accessories that anyone listening to electronic music can appreciate. 

Rave culture has changed a lot since the 90’s but it has evolved into a huge community of producers and eventgoers. EDM festivals are huge events and if your musician friend is a DJ or producer, they’ll love any little accessories to help them get down at their favorite club or festival! 

Streaming Subscription

If they don’t already have one, consider getting them an annual subscription to a streaming service! Spotify and other services offer very affordable rates to have a huge library of music right at your fingertips! Plus, it will keep track of your favorite songs, artists, and albums to create playlists based on your tastes. 

Even for the vinyl fan, a streaming service is a great tool to discover new music. A big way that musicians learn new songs is simply by listening and copying, so you are informing not only their enjoyment of listening but also fueling their creativity. 

Giving someone access to a library of music is a great idea, especially for a musician who has eclectic taste. You might not know what they’re listening to right now, but with a streaming subscription, they can choose for themselves. 

Music Themed Gifts 

Above music itself, anyone who has a musician friend knows they tend to love music-themed trinkets and toys. After all, instruments are essentially really really complicated toys. Some uncommon gifts to consider could be a guitar wall mount, vinyl coasters, instrument-shaped pillows, or fun toy instruments that make unique sounds. Who knows, maybe your gift will be featured on their next masterpiece! 

Musicians are always looking for inspiration so little decorative toys and oddities are a great choice for any music maker. Decorating a studio or workspace can really help make the place feel like a homey, safe and inspiring environment to appreciate their craft in. 

Above all when buying any gift, make sure you do some research into the person’s interests. All these ideas are great, but you might be buying a gift for a third party if you don’t take their taste into consideration. Take a listen to some of their favorite artists and go from there! 

Another option is to personalize an essential item to fit a music theme. For example, you could create a music-themed phone case using a line from their most beloved track or part of the score of their favorite musical work in the design.