Why does Avanti Gas promote LPG?

Why is it crucial we constantly think of ways to improve our surroundings? We have asked the question many times. Respecting our place of living means nurturing it so we can improve it for future generations.

An argument for LPG 

Now you may think about the reason behind the introduction of a new fuel source called LPG. It has been recently introduced to battle global warming and the increased content of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. LPG emits almost non-existent soot and very little carbon content upon use. 

This new power source is highly versatile. Besides being environmentally friendly, LPG is used for cooking, heating homes, driving, and camping. The number of car and bike enthusiasts using LPG has also increased to shift from diesel or petrol. LPG also provides financial benefits since it is priced at half the rate of petrol and CNG. LPG has also lowered road and smoke pollution considerably,

LPG’s carbon footprint is less than fifty percent of coal and twenty percent of oil fuel. Since LPG has emitted less carbon content, it reduces carbon dioxide in the air. LPG has been termed a clean and environmentally friendly fuel that can fuel many people. LPG is hugely advantageous to industrialists, such as Avanti Gas, and customers alike due to its efficiency and innovative compound structure.

Rural communities have particularly appreciated LPG. They have switched from traditional sources of cooking such as wood and charcoal and dung flames to LPG. Using this new innovative gas has increased their standard of living and quality of life. LPG has freed rural people traveling miles to cut down trees or gather power sources for their dated kitchens. LPG has also provided employment opportunities as the demand for transporting LPG to rural areas increases.

LPG vs. Petrol

  • Petrol and diesel have been harmfully contributing to the environment for ages. People and customers are becoming more conscious of the reduced LPG expense. The conversion cost to LPG from petrol is also reduced, so more people switch to LPG fuel needs.
  • LPG does not contain odors which is an advantage and letdown. An odor gas does not harm the environment or cause health deterioration among people with sensitive health. However, odorless gas is also challenging to detect. When LPG leaks or collects on the ground, it evaporates. LPG’s particles are heavier than air. They become a cloud which can cause cold burns on the skin.
  • LPG is also lead-free. LPG has a lower octane number than petrol. Lead is added to increase petrol octane content.
  • LPG provides engines with a longer shelf life. It keeps the components clean and working efficiently. On the other hand, petrol requires a regular oil change and provides a smaller useful life than LPG.
  • LPG also contains a minimum carbon footprint. This is the primary reason for its growing popularity. The spark plugs may sparkle when the engine uses petrol to produce energy. This decreases life significantly.

Future Thoughts

Recent developments have suggested shifts to more environmentally conscious fuel resources to increase air quality and lower carbon footprint. 


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