The Ultimate Guide to Flags

Not only are flags a physical representation of a country and its people but also representatives of the different communities within a place and groups of like-minded people who share interests and values. 

Whether it’s for hanging on your 4th of July party or striding at a Pride parade, you can most certainly pick out a flag of your liking that ticks off all your preferences and requirements!

Flags for Every Occasion

Types of Flags 

You can find a flag for almost any occasion. However, you can also purchase a flag simply for the aesthetic or to express an element of your personality. 

First off, there is the category of country flags, where you will find flags of 195 countries. This is great for showing pride and love for your country. It is also a wonderful display at a national celebration. 

You’ve also got another separate category offering US state flags – from Washington to Florida, you name it, we have it! In addition to these, you can support your political parties, the police and fire departments, and even show some love on your favorite holidays with a flag. 

If you don’t have an official use for flags, but want to spice up your room, you’ll also find a whole category for that, with smiley face flags, peace flags, checkered and plain flags, and so much more. You can even design your flags and have them custom-made for you at Ultimate Flags

How to Get the Best Value? 

You can get a bang for your buck by choosing which material is best suited for you.


A cotton-poly blend that is highly popular and budget-friendly, this is great for indoor use and for flying due to it being lightweight.


These flags are made from either polyester or nylon and are more durable and long-lasting than the standard quality. If you are looking for flags to use outdoors or live in a high wind area, this might be the one for you!


As the name suggests, flags of this quality are double nylon embroidered, meaning they are battle-ready! This is great for those out there looking for a flag to display permanently outside and on big buildings. 

Cotton Authentic

This is a traditional historical quality. Flags made from this material can be used for displays indoors and for historical and celebratory purposes.  

Where Can You Display Your Flags?


Flags can be used anywhere! You can hang flags in bedrooms, dorm rooms, Man Caves, and many other indoor locations like garages and workshops. For locations like these, it is best to have one that is either 12 X 18 inches or 2 X 3 ft as they are large enough for displaying an aspect of what you represent, but not overpowering in a room.  


You can use your flags for flying on your motorcycles, cars, and fishing boats. And if you’ve got a bigger vehicle, like a truck or a large boat, your flags can be displayed there as well. The 12 X 18 inches or 2 X 3 ft sized flags mentioned above are perfect for flying on vehicles and 3 X 5 ft flags look amazing displayed on larger vehicles. 


Flags can be used outdoors in various ways. The standard size of a flag, 3 X 5 ft, is vastly used outside houses and for outdoor parties, like this USA flag, which is ideal for a 4th of July party!

Other outdoor locations can range from school grounds, property on a highway, to Civic and Government buildings. For these locations, 4 X 6 ft Jumbo flags and 5 X 8 ft flags are the most suitable.  


There are so many events that take place in stadiums, from concerts to rallies to sports games. And you know what? – flags are a great way to show your love and support for your favorite teams or superstars. 

The Stadium (6 X 10 ft) and Super Stadium size flags are amazing options for these events with large crowds. 

Raise Your Flags! 

So, now that you know all the fun ways you can display or use flags, you are all ready to pick one out for yourself. You can get started by browsing and finding the perfect flag! 


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