Free Homework Management Tools for Tech-Savvy Students

Have you experienced the strangulating shortage of time for all the tasks you need to get done in record time? Such a situation is typical for students juggling several tasks, such as lecture attendance, homework completion, home chores, part-time jobs to stay afloat, and social life events. The sphere suffering the most from productivity lags is homework, as with lectures and work, you are not the one who sets the schedule. You either attend it or miss it, with appropriate penalties applied. But with homework, you are the boss setting the schedule of work and rest. So, your productivity depends primarily on how well you can organize the schedule. 

What to do if you consistently fail your deadlines and can’t figure out an ideal study schedule? The answer is in homework management tools – automated software helping you to stay organized and plan your multiple task progression wisely. Here is a list of top homework management tools I have tested when I needed to pay someone to take my online test which helps the busy student schedule a bit more manageable. 

#1 Kno

Kno is not a regular homework management tool if you think about a planner or a calendar. With Kno, you can simplify many more study-related tasks, such as buying books and organizing study notes. The digital versions of textbooks purchased via Kno will cost you around half of their regular price, while the handy note-taking and text-highlighting feature will make your studies a hassle-free, fun activity. There is no need to carry a heavy bag with you, stressing out if you left some textbook at home. Your entire study library is with you in the Kno database, with all essential notes summarized in a “journal.” Fans of advanced features will surely like the ability to build 3D diagrams in the app and a self-testing feature “quiz me.”

#2 iProcrastinate 

Don’t be misguided by the app’s name – it has nothing to do with nurturing procrastination. This app is available for iOS users; it helps to organize your study time and other pressing tasks in the best possible way. All you need to do is enter the list of tasks you need to do, and the system will work out an optimal schedule for their completion. The features that simplify the use of iProcrastinate are handy color-coding, an ability to assign various priority levels to different tasks, and task sharing with other app users. 

#3 Kami 

Previously known as Notable PDF, Kami is an online office suite app allowing students to edit learning materials, make notes, and collaborate on any study material they have. The app supports all Microsoft Office formats and allows collaborative work on PDFs. The use of Kami is very convenient for students as schools gradually transition to paperless learning environments. Thus, you can manage your study materials and collaborative projects with much more ease with this app. 

#4 Snap Homework 

This app makes the process of homework scheduling much quicker. It connects students and the tutor, enabling the automatic scheduling of new assignments in the student calendar with all relevant materials and instructions attached. It is a free app, which makes its general use highly manageable and accessible for schools worldwide. Thus, you shouldn’t be afraid of missing some tutor instructions or forgetting about the upcoming deadline anymore. With Snap Homework, your homework will arrive right to your personal cabinet, with proper reminders and alerts set to let you never forget about it. 

#5 Quizlet 

Everyone studies differently, depending on their learner type. Some students are visual learners, comprehending the study material in text or video the best. Others are auditory learners, so they need to listen to lectures or podcasts or view videos to absorb the new learning material. But quizzes and flashcards are a bulletproof strategy for all learners as it boosts comprehension and allows drilling without peer or tutor assistance. Quizlet is a handy app that allows you to create your own flashcards based on the material at hand, test yourself, and progress through studies. The app is free, but it offers a broad range of features, such as adding pictures, diagrams or customizing the design and color of cards to your liking. With Quizlet, the process of studying becomes a breeze, giving you a specific advantage on the test. 

#6 inClass 

Every student wishing to organize every dimension of their study process knows the inClass app. It’s an all-in-one solution enabling you to schedule study events in the calendar, take notes, organize them by subject, and set notifications for upcoming events and deadlines. With inClass, you’ll never miss any assignment or meeting with your tutor as everything looks tidy and organized on your calendar.

Order Is Your Everything 

Orderly studies and proper time management have an immense potential for productivity boosts, which you can test by using any of the apps. All of them are free of charge, and you don’t risk a penny when trying to bring order to your study routines. Once you set everything up, you’ll be delighted to see how much free time you’ll have. Besides, proper homework management takes the stress out of your life, which is also a nice bonus in the hectic, busy student life.