Can You Really Trust Online Casinos And Gambling Sites?

Online casinos have come a long way since the first software was developed in 1994 by a company called Microgaming based in the Isle of Man (Great Britain). The simple yet effective games in the early years have been updated year after year and the online casino industry is now worth billions of dollars annually. As with any industry that involves large amounts of money, some bad apples will be drawn to it. Over the years regulation has been tightened and the companies or operators who were known not to be ethical have largely been forced out either by being blacklisted or named and shamed.

Now so long as you play at reputable online casino gambling sites the industry ombudsman is there to ensure fair and honest gambling exists. Reputation is key for any business and non more than in the gaming industry, online casinos value theirs highly. The gambling world is now one of the most highly regulated in the world of any industry. That being said it is always a good idea to do some research before opening an online casino or gambling account, here are some of the main concerns people look to have before signing up.

What The Site Can Tell You About The Operator

They say first impressions last and it is true for casinos online and gambling sites. When you visit a site for the first time it is important to take note of the design and interface, a poorly designed site could mean the operator is either inexperienced, lacks funding, or simply doesn’t care. It could also mean they are new to the online casino game, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad or untrustworthy, but it is not a great introduction to new clients. You should take particular notice of:

  • How quick the site and the games load.
  • How easy the site is to navigate.
  • The home page should display statistics, an example being real-time updates of jackpot pools.
  • Does the site work equally as well across all platforms, laptops, tablets, and smartphones?
  • The home page should have all the relevant information regarding licenses and any partnerships they may be in, all this you should be able to independently verify.

If you are not satisfied or with the site it is not a great start. Although some online casinos and gambling sites could be in their infancy or undergoing maintenance. Checking the information they should have provided regarding licensing is the best thing to check.

The Speed Which Sites Deal With Your Finances is Very Important    

For any financially based business, it is very important that they are professional in the way in which your money is handled. Being quick to take your money but slow and unreliable service when you wish to withdraw your money from the account is not a good sign. About one-third of online casino players have voiced this as their main concern regarding trusting sites. Speed may be important to many, but also is the due diligence the site has to perform to ensure fraud is not being committed should be respected.

Another good sign is the number of deposit options available to users of the site. This can vary though due to the location of the online casino site, and any regional restrictions they face.

Receiving Live Chat Support is Very Important 

As with any online business problems or misunderstandings do occur, and without having a local branch or store to visit and speak in-person to a representative to resolve any issues, live chat customer support is vital. If any site does not offer this you should probably consider looking elsewhere. It is very important to have 24-hour support, and they are able to answer any queries you may have regarding your account or the site. 

A quick response should be around one minute or one and a half minutes, any longer and this is generally seen as unacceptable. An offer of help from the site should be made even if it is a difficult situation to resolve. Professional customer service is a good sign of the company’s values and trustworthiness, even if they are dealing with a particularly demanding customer.

Check The Reviews of Current And Previous Gamblers

As with any restaurant you have never visited or hotel you have not stayed in before, reading the reviews is a must before choosing to go. Checking the reviews of online casinos is no different before you sign up for an account. Yes, there are always disgruntled and unsatisfied clients who leave bad reviews, justified or not. But most people who leave reviews have simply posted about their experience, good or bad.

It is your job to read as many and decide for yourself if the site is professional or not. Apart from the reviews themself often what is more telling about the operators of the site is their response, especially to a negative review, was the review appropriately responded to in a professional manner? Did the site operators show any concern or apologize? And did the review seem genuine, as it’s not uncommon for friends and family to leave positive reviews for a business, and rivals to leave negative reviews?

Do Online Casinos Rig Their Games? 

Online casino sites are simply a business, their main aim is to make money. And they are very good at what they do, but do they rig games? In the early years of online gambling, some sites, unfortunately, did have some dubious practices, but with regulation and oversight, these companies did not last long. To say a game is rigged is a bit sinister-sounding but in some ways companies, this still does kind of happen. You have heard the expression “the house always wins”, well this is generally the case, online casinos do not rig games but the odds are in their favor, this is not sinister. If all the games were truly random then online or traditional casinos would soon be out of business, to prevent this an acceptable level of game manipulation is allowed. Games operated by trusted casinos are not rigged, just don’t expect to win every time.


Online casinos and gambling sites, now after some years of weeding out the bad apples, have become trusted by millions of gamblers all over the world. Just do some research of the site you wish to join and if you have any questions they will be happy to answer them.