Blake Shelton admits ‘resenting’ touring in the past

Blake Shelton from If I'm Honest

Whilst Blake Shelton is gearing up for his 2021 Friends and Heroes tour in August, he recently made a startling admission on how he once resented touring. This may be a bit of a shock for fans of Shelton, as his career has often been filled with lots of tour dates. However, looking closely at his words, it actually makes perfect sense.

Speaking to the Apple Music Country podcast, the God’s Country singer said “I was touring full time, or as much as I could, and it became too much, it was too much for me personally. I mean, there was never a day off, it was just crazy, and I started resenting touring a little bit. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is the point, what are we doing? I’m not enjoying it anymore.”

With this said, there have been numerous artists across various genres that have often spoken out about the grinding nature of non-stop touring over the years. Looking forward to his Friends and Heroes dates, there are 16 in total and this spreads across 3 months. Taking into what Shelton said about non-stop touring, it’s no surprise that this isn’t filled with dates or is substantially longer.

In other news, it’s looking to be a busy year for Shelton. He released his first album in four years last month named Body Language. He has also been keeping entertained with judging singers on The Voice, amongst other ventures.

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