Barbara Streisand releases “I’d want it to be you” duet with Willie Nelson

This week, Barbara Streisand released a new album from the vault, named ‘Release me 2’ which was a compilation of unreleased songs from down the years. The album is the sequel to her 2012 title of the same name, ‘Release Me’. And, it turns out that one of these songs features country legend, Willie Nelson.

Running at just over 4 minutes, “I’d want it to be you” is a beautiful song and is also a true duet. Here, instead of having separate verses, the duo literally sings together in unison, as well as a back-and-forth style throughout. It’s nice as a listener to hear this kind of song which is a bit of a rarity these days. Not only this but their different singing voices make for a genuinely nice blend of styles.

Overall, it’s been a non-stop year for Nelson. The country icon released his 72nd studio album ‘That’s Life’ back in February. Since then he’s also announced his Outlaw tour which will commence later on in the year. Alongside this, the 88-year-old is also training martial arts in a bid to stay active. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that he’s still very much alive and kicking when it comes to his career and personal life.

As for Streisand, she is turning 80 in under a year and is seemingly still releasing music. With a combined age of 167 – “I’d want it to be you” is the result of two musical behemoths creating a nostalgic-sounding summer song which is a throwback to relaxed summer evenings.


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    Leo Vitols

    Absolutely stunning song!!! Wonderful sample of evergreen music!

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