Your 2021 Trip: Things to Do In Europe This Summer

plane over the beach

For most of us, it’s been a while since our last trip. Even if you’ve traveled in 2020, you probably came across many restrictions in terms of locations, police hours, quarantine, etc. Now that the measures are reducing and eliminated in many parts of the globe, we can finally get back to what we love most – travel the world. 

Here is a short list of things you could do in Europe this summer.

Visit Some Music Festivals 

Festivals make for a thrilling experience. Millions of people travel to different locations to enjoy these events. This year, Europe will feature some amazing festivals including:

  • Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium – 16th to 19th July and 23rd to 25th July
  • Rock in Rio Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal – 19th to 20th June and 26th to 27th June
  • Primavera Sound in Barcelona Spain – 2nd to 6th June
  • Ultra Europe in Split, Croatia – 9th to 11th July
  • Mad Cool Festival in Madrid Spain – 7th to 10th July

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Pick an Unforgettable Sea Destination to Visit

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Book your vacation in Sardinia, Italy, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. Visit Porto Santo in Portugal, a place with clear water and big, sandy beaches. For an unusual vacation in Europe, go to the amazing Nerja beach in Spain or on one of the beautiful Greek beaches. 

Camp with Your Friends and Family in the Mountains

If you’re more of an adventurous and athletic person and prefer mountain vacations instead of lying at a beach, go camping with your friends and family in the European mountains. Europe has great mountain resorts such as:

  • Moena in Italy
  • Grandvalira in Andorra
  • Val dÍsere in France
  • Sierra Nevada in Spain
  • Bansko in Bulgaria

Explore the Famous Capital Cities

This continent has so much to offer in terms of history, architecture, vacation spots, unforgettable sights, cuisine, etc. Some of the most popular capitals in Europe are Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, and more.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve put Europe in your travel itinerary for this year, there are simply so many options for you. Starting with incredible countries to unforgettable events, Europe has a lot to offer to its visitors. So, pick your location, pack your bags, and start exploring some of the best places in the world!