Recently, overalls are popular with women. Such women’s clothing looks stylish and is comfortable to wear. Plus, it can be a good alternative to a pantsuit. You can go in beautiful clothes for a walk, work or in a cafe. Let’s figure out what tips to follow in order to choose the best sexy jumpsuits for women. 

By material: 

Modern clothing is made from a variety of materials, including synthetics. Many women prefer to buy jumpsuits made of textiles. Cotton stretches weakly or does not stretch at all, therefore, as a rule, overalls retain their shape for a long time, which is very important, because no one wants trousers to stretch, for example, in the knee area. Also, clothes made of such material are the best summer jumpsuits for women, you can not sweat in hot weather, because cotton fabric tends to let air through.

By body type:

For owners of curvaceous forms, it is recommended to choose a jumpsuit that is not too tight on the figure. For tall women, models with bell-bottomed trousers may suit, and for low girls – with straight legs or bell-bottoms from the hip. Do not choose jumpsuits that are oversized. If the thing is big, then the girl may look larger. Consider your body type when choosing a model.

  • “Rectangle” . As a rule, with full hips and wide shoulders, the waist is visually slimmer, so buy overalls that have a strap in the kit or pick up a separate accessory right away.
  • “Pear” . Choose models that will not hang in the upper part of the body and at the same time hug the bottom too tight.
  • “Apple” . Women with this body type are advised to wear v-neck jumpsuits and flared trousers.

Be sure to try on your overalls at the store. Most online stores have dimensional charts with which you can purchase the model that fits. For personal purchase and online ordering, do not hesitate to contact our consultants, they will help you choose the option according to the parameters of your figure.

By color:

Among the various options, it is better for full girls to purchase models of a dark color. Light-colored overalls may well suit women in the body if there are patterns or stripes on the things. Usually, things of white, beige, light gray and similar colors look good on the owners of the “hourglass” figure. For most women, solid colors are suitable. It is not necessary to buy black, navy or similar jumpsuits. If you wish, you can buy things in fuchsia, bright mint, rich cornflower blue, and so on.

Tips: what to wear the jumpsuit with

Your look can be even more attractive by adding colorful accessories to the lace jumpsuits for women. For summer, hats, jewelry, and belts work well. On a cool day, the look will be complemented by a cardigan or jacket. If the jumpsuit has an open-top, then the item can be combined with beads, chains, and necklaces of medium or short length. Models with a closed top and a shallow neckline can be worn with long jewelry. Usually, a jumpsuit for every day is worn with sandals with thick heels or platform sandals. In the office, you can wear light boots, pumps or heels. Some jumpsuits, especially those with sleeves, can be paired with sneakers.