What Top Musicians Choose For Ableton Live

If you are an avid fan of music then you should know about the best controllers for Ableton Live. It is manifest that Ableton Live is one of the most widely used software in the entire music world. 

Perhaps no music-savvy is unknown about its luxury features and perks. To succinct this exciting piece of knowledge let us scour deeply into the topic, best controllers for Ableton Live.

Akai Professional Force:

For musicians, there is simply an on and recondite option that meets all of their needments and that option is Akai Professional Force. It is a very useful standalone sampling/synth/sequencer that does double duty as a push style controller.

One of the most useful aspects of this controller is the uniqueness of its diversified features such as putting touch screen, pads and knobs to the best use. 

Another very important feature of this great software is the capability to sketch songs and sampled them. Perhaps this is the primary reason why most music fanatics are going crazy after this.

Editors Keys Ableton Live Wireless Keyboard

Manifestly all the musicians want a software product that is too convenient for their usage. The most evident reason for choosing software that is reliable and also affordable is the wider usage of the product. 

The Editors Keys Ableton Live Wireless Keyboard is just the best affordable option that resides just around you. With an affordable price of just about 113$, it is quite possibly the cheapest product that you can find in the market.

This keyboard is the most valuable asset for music savvies as it provides them with a unique outlay of colorful keyboard buttons with printing over them. This is perhaps the most evident reason that the demand for this new age wonder is continuously increasing in the music market. 

However, the keyboard itself does not have any automatic function while interacting with the software but, still, it is more exciting to use just because of its majestic interface. 

Novation SL MkIII

For all music lovers, this creative and modern keyboard is undoubtedly the best version that lingers around you. Novation SL MkIII is a perfect collection of a variety of facilities. These facilities include semi-weighted keys, an onboard eight-track sequencer.

The unique combination of RGB lights, Faders and CV has everything that Ableton Live needs. One more bonus feature of this appreciable keyboard is the capability of performing as a hub for your hardware Rig which is surely a plus feature.

The reviews about this awesome software are also quite astonishing as they are the key to identify the evaluability of this eminent product. People are merely satisfied with the product’s reliability and its awesome features that are immensely hard to forget.

Zerodebug TouchAble Pro

At an affordable price of just around 28 Euros, the Zerodebug TouchAble Pro is a new era technology with so many exciting features. You can follow the updates on the internet about the availability of this prime software product.

However, we are enlisting some of its exclusive features like easy configuration, functionality, and stellar capabilities to handle all the awesome features. Its ability to view two modules together is a creamy delight for the users.


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