The Pros and Cons of Working as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law is exciting, and being a personal injury lawyer can, first and foremost, help you build a severe repertoire of amazing stories for your grandchildren!

Jokes aside, personal injury is one of the most profitable and enjoyable areas of law. This is the main reason why there are so many personal injury law firms out there – the excitement!

However, this particular job doesn’t come only with benefits. It has its drawbacks as well and, if you are seriously thinking of becoming a personal injury lawyer, you should know both the pros and cons of this position!

The Pros of Working as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before assuming that the pros are identical to any other type of lawyer, keep in mind that each legal representative operates in various environments. Certain lawyers may never see a courtroom, while others spend their lives in one!

  • Negotiate and Advocate – the personal injury lawyer job allows you to negotiate almost constantly. Almost every single party that you’ll meet during an individual injury case will call for your negotiation skills – the court, insurance companies, clients, adjusters, opposing lawyers, and so on. 
  • Diverse Clientele – personal injury (real or fake) is common throughout all classes of society. As such, a personal injury lawyer has the chance to meet all kinds of people while practicing law – from the random citizen that slip and fell on a banana peel to the philanthropic billionaire who’s sued for negligence or whatnot.
  • Every Case is Different – even if claims might be of the same kind, clients and their stories will never be. Therefore, this type of lawyer will always have to keep their strategies and arguments up to date and create a new one on the spot. 
  • Satisfaction – thanks to the nature of their job, personal injury lawyers can see an entire case from beginning to end. On top of that, they can stand beside a client from the moment they file their claim up to the moment the conflict is solved – which brings immense satisfaction.

The Cons of Working as a Personal Injury Lawyer

As mentioned, downsides exist as well and, most of the time, they may prevent you from doing your job if you’re not fully prepared to deal with them.

  • Emotional Luggage – for most clients, the injury changed their lives entirely. This leaves the personal injury lawyer with an emotionally unstable client that will most likely act (and accept settlements) based on emotions. The lawyer must possess excellent negotiation and emotion-dealing techniques.
  • Limitations – naturally, the job itself is minimal in terms of the final purpose. While the road can be compared to a roller-coaster, the end is always the same – namely, negotiating the client’s best settlement. In some cases, clients come with severe physical conditions that make lawyers feel powerless.
  • Lack of Efficiency – the personal injury claim process is slow, tedious, and lacks efficiency. The lawyer must work around the edges to find the best possible result – and this, in time, can become very frustrating.

The Bottom Line

Overall, being a personal injury lawyer is exciting. You get to meet new and interesting people with every case and, most importantly, provide them with justice and significant settlements.

However, one con can ruin all the pros. Before being sure that this is what you want to do, look into what personal injury lawyers said regarding the downsides of their job!