Is CBG Cannabis the New Savior in the Medical Block?

Smoking cannabis has been part of the different cultures since ancient times. The plant is a native of the Central Asian region and is abundantly found in parts of the Indian sub-continent and China. The earliest use of cannabis was essentially for ropes and fabric. When and where the psychoactive properties of cannabis were discovered is a mystery to date. Nevertheless, despite being used as a psychoactive product, cannabis has also various medicinal benefits.

Cannabis and Medicine

Despite being notoriously labeled as a psychoactive drug, the medical uses of marijuana cannot be denied. Over the ages, cannabis has been used in various medical treatments. 

Many medical groups are of opinion that the health effects of cannabis are of lower quality than other prescription drugs. The low quality can be deemed because of the plethora of chemicals that are present in naturally occurring cannabis.

Various studies suggest that more than four hundred chemicals are present in cannabis. The variety of chemicals present in marijuana is so huge that even two plants of the same species would provide different chemical compositions upon detailed analysis. 

This is the primary reason why cannabis cannot be determined as a generic drug for medicinal uses. However, many online sites like plain jane delta 8 have a good collection to choose medical marijuana.


The most common occurring substance in cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, a recent study has concluded there is another substance present in cannabis known as Cannabigerol (CBG). CBG constitutes about only one percent of the chemical substances in cannabis. Despite being found in traces, CBG has a higher potential for medical use when compared with its other counterparts like THC, CBD, etc.

Some studies suggest that CBG is better at interacting with the CB1/CB2 cannabinoid neural receptors since they interact directly with those receptors inside the brain. Since CBG is a relatively recent discovery in cannabis substances, there are not many research materials available concerning CBG. 

However, in different small incidents, CBG has been found to help effectively in treating various diseases like inflammation, glaucoma, bacterial growth, Huntington’s disease, tumor growth, and many more. 

The most common inhibition with regards to CBG is its difficulty in production, thereby making it the most expensive of the cannabinoid substances. James Rowland had told Forbes, “It takes thousands of pounds of biomass to create small amounts of CBG isolate.” 

James Rowland is Colorado CBG brand Steve’s Goods’ CEO. The cultivation of CBG affluent cannabis is also a challenge since CBG strains in cannabis are present only for a short time. Hence, mature cannabis plants are not good candidates for CBG.

As CBG is found in small traces, therefore the apparatus used for its extraction needs to be more precise to avoid contamination. Another aspect that makes CBG interesting is the fact that pure CBG does not give the notorious “high” upon consumption like THC or CBD, thus making it a preferred substance in medical treatments. Hence, contaminated CBG can pose a threat to being psychoactive.