Interesting things to do in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online:

Black Desert Online is a sandbox-aimed multiplayer online role-playing fiction title created by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. Black Desert Online is a combat-based title, demanding physical aiming and free movement close to those observed in third-person shooters. The game provides dealing among different items, fishing, farming, and shelter, as well as huge PvP battle events, and castle fights.

The game also comprises several features to help you with submerging. The deep, worldwide weather system comprises extensive occurrences like typhoons and will affect the gameplay. Confined weather will comprise happenings like short-term fog, which players might utilize to initiate surprise ambush on rival coalition buildings. Different game content is at hand regarding either it is night or day. The player shelter is specified and differs in size and area. Players can embellish and equip their housing by buying furniture.

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Furthermore, we will talk about a few of the interesting things that we can do in Black Desert Online.


The crafting scenario in Black Desert Online is a convoluted and complex system that counts both on the utilization of the workers and your potential to collect raw items and process them into end products. Giving yourself an objective to craft a food type or an Alchemy Elixir that can be utilized at endgame is a way to challenge yourself. 

You can also fix an aim for the desired kind of armor such as Grunil armor or Yuria weapons. Instead, you can produce beer to feed your workers or prepare pet food to feed your pets. Crafting constructively demand the utilization of your contribution points and workers.

Collecting Supplies:

Collecting supplies is an essential part of Black Desert Online. Several of the end-game Elixirs and foods need items that can only be discovered by manually collecting them. All kinds of collectings apply the same life skill but they need different tools like tanning knives, picks, axes, and fluid collectors.

As your collecting ability rises, you will be able to acquire scarce items and get access to particular “armor” that provides you added collecting skills, like the silver embroidered gatherer clothes and finer gear like a steel pickaxe. A smart way to get your hands on both contribution points and collecting experience is to finalize the daily collecting quests that are to be discovered across the land. However, if you don’t want to put in the grind to get all the best items, you can check out BDO items for sale to find the best deals that can elevate your game instantly.


Speaking of a few of the most interesting things to do in Black Desert Online, Hunting deserves a spot. It is one of the difficult life skill professions. To commence hunting, you have to get your hands on a weapon. One of the ways is to take on the hunting missions that the Black Spirit heads you towards. When you have completed them, you can do the daily hunting missions to level your hunting ability.