Fix amtlib.dll missing error to run Adobe After Effects CS6

Adobe After Effects has become such an important part of the content production industry that professionals can’t even live without it. To be fair, Adobe does a commendable job of enriching the program with features that users actually need as well. Adobe After Effects CS6 is still one of the most used versions of the app right now. However, this does not mean that the program does not have any errors. As it happens, users have to face a number of issues while running After Effects CS6, and we are going to discuss some of those common error names you’d encounter.

And, the amtlib.dll missing error is surely on that list. It doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that dll-based errors are common in Windows programs. However, the problem with having the amtlib.dll missing error in After Effects CS6 is that it could have an impact on your productivity. For instance, when you are rushing to finish a project on time, you don’t want to see the amtlib.dll missing error message on the screen, right? We have, in this article, covered some of the common errors in AE CS6 and how you can fix them without much trouble.

First of all, let’s have a look at the common issues that bother Adobe After Effects CS6 users in the first place.

Common Errors in Adobe After Effects CS6

  • Files Are Missing Since You Last Saved the Project Error

This problem appears when you try to open a recently saved project on After Effects CS6. As the name says, the program is not able to locate all the files that contribute to the AE CS6 project in question. Comparatively, this problem is easy to solve. You can simply help the program in relocating the important files and you are good to go.

  • Installation Errors with After Effects CS6

There could be a number of Adobe After Effects CS6 installation errors that stop the program from getting a normal startup. The solutions for this problem are also simple since a well-created installation should pose no issues. Therefore, you can fix this issue by choosing to reinstall or repair the program using the given set of official utilities.

  • DLL Missing Errors

DLL missing errors refer to problems that occur because some DLL files are not present on your computer. You will come across this category of errors only if you are using After Effects on Windows. The problem we are discussing here, the amtlib.dll missing error, belongs to this category. On the bright side, you don’t have to struggle further to fix the problem.

How to Fix the amtlib.dll Missing Error to run Adobe After Effects CS6?

We can recommend three different ways to fix the amtlib.dll missing error. You don’t need any kind of tech knowledge to follow these steps, by the way.

  1. As we said earlier, faulty installations are responsible for a number of errors on Adobe After Effects CS6. So, if you come across the amtlib.dll missing error while trying to start the program, you should reinstall the entire tool from scratch. The better part? You’d be able to get rid of many other issues that may have been bothering you alongside.
  2. The other method you can follow here would be simpler than you thought. There are many trusted websites that help you find and download DLL files. You can also go to this page at and download the amtlib.dll file. Once you have relocated the DLL file in the directory from where it was lost, you’d have nothing to worry about.
  3. Considering that AE CS6 uses a number of graphics-related hardware options, some issues with those drivers can also cause the same problem. In this case, however, you have to see if the solution works by dealing with the drivers and graphics cards.

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide helps you to know more about the common errors on Adobe After Effects CS6 and fix its amtlib.dll missing error more importantly.