Country Music and How It Reflects Our Enduring Love of Storytelling

Picking a new TV series to watch can be a fairly complicated process these days. The leading streaming services are packed full of different shows in a range of genres, so it can be hard to decide on what to go for next.

However, if you are a country music fan who loves a bit of comedy, a new addition to Netflix might have you covered. As outlines, Country Comfort landed on the platform in the middle of March and it features Katharine McPhee as an aspiring country singer who ends up taking a job as a nanny.

While it is interesting to see country music used as a big theme in a TV sitcom, we should perhaps not be too surprised. After all, the genre has always shared a strong bond with the concept of storytelling.

Ups and downs

For many people, the very thought of country music immediately brings stories to mind. Whether you are listening to Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, or even a contemporary artist, this genre has always had a focus on telling tales about the ups and downs of life.

The storytelling of country really comes to life in the music, but there have been moments when songs have transcended the genre and inspired other forms of entertainment. Dolly Parton has famously appeared in a host of movies, with her credits including the likes of Unlikely Angel. However, her songs were also the primary influence behind another major Netflix series, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings.

Released in 2019, the series was described by Netflix as eight stories created to celebrate issues including family, faith, and love. The service added that the Emmy-nominated show was inspired by Parton’s famous back catalog, with the first episode – perhaps unsurprisingly – looking at the story of who else but Jolene.

Part of our history

When that is considered, it is obvious that country music has notable links to the idea of storytelling. However, where did our fascination with good old-fashioned tales and stories come from?

The British Museum examined the topic of storytelling through art in a blog post in 2019 and made it clear that the idea has been vital for a very long time. For instance, the article made reference to African rock art that is thought to date back around 30,000 years.

Of course, another example of the enduring power of storytelling can be found in Greek mythology. According to, those tales started out in the oral tradition, with Hesiod’s Theogony being described as the first written origin story of the myths. The site adds that it was apparently produced in 700 BC.

A major influence

Of course, while country music has taken storytelling to its heart through the years, the concept has also become important in many other forms of media – including some rather surprising areas.

Movies and TV are obvious examples, but it is worth considering how video gaming has developed through the decades as well. Advancements in graphics and gameplay have transformed what is possible, with many modern titles featuring dramatic plotlines and an almost cinematic scope.

Storytelling has also added fresh layers to other types of gaming, with a notable example being online slots., for example, explains how the best online casinos tend to feature a massive number of games that vary greatly. Furthermore, it adds that top titles often have strong immersive themes, creative and dynamic graphics, and exciting gameplay. To achieve those aims, many developers have chosen to integrate story elements into their slots. A good example of this can be seen with Play’n Go’s Book of Dead. The company outlines how the title sees adventurer Rich Wilde meet Anubis and Osiris as he searches for the infamous text.

A unique connection

Stories are clearly a crucial part of our culture and our love of a compelling tale appears to have manifested itself in many ways through the years.

However, it really feels like country has a unique connection with the idea and it is exciting to see that reflected in the types of shows that have been hitting streaming services like Netflix in the past couple of years. We can’t wait to see what else emerges as country music and storytelling continues to combine in the years ahead.