Car Accident Settlement Stories

Going through a car accident is a traumatic experience that can leave many people scarred physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives. Getting through the process of recovering from the accident and seeking the compensation you deserve can take a lot of time. While no money can ever make up for the injuries and the trauma caused by an accident, receiving proper compensation is only fair. Most of the time, car accident claims get settled before reaching the trial. This article will read about these successful stories where the injured and their lawyer managed to settle their claim and receive fair compensation.

Old Wounds 

One of the most common injuries after a car accident are old wounds getting opened up once again. Whether you have previously been involved in a car accident or had another type of such mischance happen to you, a new car accident can open up these old wounds. Your medical history will be dug up, and insurance companies will use this against you when trying to fill a claim against a reckless truck driver who had crashed into your car. In such a case where the insurance company of the driver at fault tried to argue that the injuries of our client existed well before the accident took place, one of our experienced lawyers managed to prove the opposite. He prepared for the trial thoroughly and managed to settle for a way higher compensation than previously expected.

An Offer That You Can Refuse

In all car accident cases, insurance companies will try to settle for as little compensation as possible. Their first offer is indeed way lower than what you can end up with and one you can quickly decline. Our knowledgeable and skillful lawyers know just how much more money these companies can offer for car accidents. We have many car accident settlement stories with clients who have told us that they would have happily walked away with an amount five or even ten times lower than they managed to obtain with our help. Our competent lawyers are here to help you reach a final offer higher than what the insurance company initially presented you with or what you would have originally asked for. 

Know Your Value

In our vast experience dealing with clients who have been involved in car accident cases, the victims were almost always unaware of how much their pain and suffering can be worth. Car accident cases that have resulted in bodily injuries are worth more than those where just material damage was done. Even when the physical injuries seem superficial, getting proper medical treatment is a must. Our legal work experience has enabled us to convince our clients to seek medical assistance and cover the final settlement offer. We were able to help many clients understand that the pain and the suffering they are feeling go beyond what they can see at the surface. We helped place value on their physical and emotional trauma.

Every car accident settlement story is different. This is why you should seek help from professionals, such as attorneys from this auto accident law firm in Seattle who are equipped to help make your settlement story a successful one as well.


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