A Step Backward for Illinois Sportsbooks

A current trend is sweeping across many different states across the US to start introducing different regulation to enable online gambling and online sports betting in a much wider, and much more comprehensive way – but not all states have been so willing to make the change, as even those who had temporarily done so over the past year have taken a step back. Throughout the past nine months, users in Illinois looking to explore Illinois online gambling have been able to register to different online sports betting websites in a temporary change that brought the sportsbooks to a wider audience whilst casinos remained closed, but back in April it had been announced that would be changing once again as the ban would soon be enforced once again – but how successful was the Illinois betting market and how much of an impact has the step backward taken?

With the first legal bet in the state being placed a few days before March in 2020, the course of the year had managed to attract almost $1.6 billion in wagers with an additional $28 million in tax revenue being generated in that period of time – throughout this whole period of time experts have suggested that online gambling regulation would be a very promising way for states that were struggling to find relief and recovery, and these numbers certainly would support that as a possibility. Whilst the 10 casinos in the state reopening would certainly recover some of those figures, it’s a huge number to lose out on, particularly as a shift to online services has been so successful in such a short period of time.

It has been mentioned that law changed for in-person registration back in 2019, it had helped sports betting as a whole, but also noted that this change away from online services such a short time after allowing it may hurt the growth in the long term – with uncertainty around whether or not regulation will eventually change in favor of the online sportsbooks, it may discourage future registrations if there is a change once again through uncertainty on whether or not the change will be permanent or just another short term solution – and for those who are unwilling to physical go to a location to register to be able to bet at all, either because they don’t feel safe enough to do so or the limited reopening doesn’t make it possible, it could be some time yet before the opportunity comes again.

On the other hand, the success in a short period of time could also be the guiding light forward as it shows a clear blueprint towards success, and if Illinois legislation makers want to capitalize on that success, the opportunity to move forward has been made very clear, and the potential successes have too.

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