Play the Top 5 Official Video Game Slot Machines in Online Casinos

When you have world-famous video games being transformed into money-giving slot machines, it’s a win-win for all involved. We present the development of five of the best video game slot machines that you can play online right now and, in some cases, for free.

The two greatest gaming industries at their best will provide you with entertainment, action, excitement, and real money payouts if you’re really lucky. 

Helping us to compile the top 5 greatest video game slots, is Carita Gustafsson, Editor-in-Chief of At her site, which you can visit here, there are a collection of free demo games, and all 5 here in our list are available to play. 

So, how did we make the top 5?

Carita Gustafsson: “To get a fair assessment of trends and like we didn’t base any judgment on our own gaming likes and dislikes. Instead, this list is formed by what the Swedish population thought was the best video game slot. we used our own service and got data from our Swedish casino partners to see what trends they had, and from this, we made our top 5 list.”

The top 5 video slot games

The dynamic world of video gaming is entertainment enough but add to that the chance of winning real money and you have the best gaming experience ever. The top 5 games will take you across all gaming genres, there are some old ones and some new ones. These are the top 5 you need to play when you next go into your online casino or when you sign up for a new one. 

All games are playable via any device, there is no download required to play them as all casinos online are accessible download free from your preferred web browser. 

#5: Space Invaders

In 1978, Space Invaders was released and changed gaming forever. This was the most popular arcade game of a generation and now, thanks to developers Ash Gaming, you can now relive the gaming experience and this time wins real money for your efforts in saving the world from invasion.

The classic retro game still comes with all its original look and even comes with the arcade cabinet. Added to this revamped game are some casino slot features like the cannon shot-em-up feature to help you win more money from the game.

It’s a great piece of work by Ash Gaming and a sensible jackpot to be won if you’re lucky enough.

  • Gaming Features: 40 pay lines, Shoot-em-up cannon feature, and bonus re-spins.
  • Jackpot prize amount:$30,000.
  • RTP: 96.01%

#4: Hitman

If you want to make the perfect killing in the casinos online, then get the help of Agent 45. Hitman was developed by the leading software company Microgaming. Produced in 2015 to coincide with the film sequel release, this slot is all about the original and first Hitman video game.

It’s a niche game to be turned into a slot considering all other potential options, but cleverly, this perhaps the only game based on the concept of a highly-trained killer. So, at least you have a unique gaming option to play. With all the original animation in place and using sound effects from the original game, this slot captures the original Hitman perfectly.

  • Gaming Features:15 pay lines, Bonus Free Spin Round, ICA Bonus Mission, and Expanding Wilds.
  • Jackpot prizeamount:$20,000.
  • RTP: 95.84%

#3: Resident Evil

Originally produced by gaming masters Capcom, Resident Evil is a long winding gaming and movie franchise that now joins the elites of slot gameplay. Fortunately, for those aware of the terrible films, have no fear, as the slot sticks to the original video game, using actual video capture and gaming animation.

Developed at the time by Skywind, this help launch their name into the software market, being relatively unknown at the time. But what they executed was a very well-made game that would be appreciated by any avid fan of the Resident Evil series.

The slot elements add in a lot of bonus additions to bring the gaming and theme of the game to life.

  • Gaming Features: Free Spins Bonus Round, 25 Paylines, and a Code Cracking feature bonus.
  • Jackpot prizeamount: $1,500,000.
  • RTP: 95.09%.

#2: Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs

Gaming icons do not get any bigger than Lara Croft and in 2010 she was immortalised with her first slot Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Developed by Microgaming, this led to a mini-series of three games. the sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secrets of the Sword, and this third instalment of Temples and Tombs which was made to mark the 10-year anniversary. This makes the top 5 because it is simply a far grander game with more modernised gameplay and graphics. 

It’s a game that clearly shows to others how it should be done, and it was the first release that got all software companies on the console video game bandwagon. 

This is a game that ticks all the boxes and a must for any Tomb Raider fan if they have not yet played this rewarding game.

  • Gaming Features: 15x Multipliers, Free Spins x25, and 243 Ways to Win.
  • Jackpot prizeamount:$1,000,000.
  • RTP0:96.06%.

#1: Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot

The number one online video game slot machine. And it could not have been any other. This is a 10 out of 10 game. It is so immaculately made by NetEnt, that you begin to realise why they are the best in the business after their collaboration with original developers Capcom.

This game has it all, all the original characters, original animation, you even have a few of the gaming traits like the loading menu with the world map and plane trip. There is also the game bonus round of smashing the car up which is used as a bonus feature in this slot game. 

It is so perfect that both game and slot are harmoniously alike in every way. This was game of the year in 2020 and rightly, the best video game slot ever made – so far.

  • Gaming Features:Car Smash Bonus Round, Multiplier Bonus round, Beat the Boss Bonus, Free Spins.
  • Jackpot prizeamount0:$250,000.
  • RTP: 96.06%.

Our thanks to Carita Gustafsson at who helped us to formulate this top 5 video games list. All titles can be played on the website in their free demo mode.