How to Write an Outstanding Essay

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If you find the idea of writing an essay a bit intimidating, you are not alone. Writing an essay is like running a marathon. See the results of your efforts, you have to be patient. With that said, strategy plays an important role in the process. In this post, we are going to provide some tips that will help you write an outstanding essay. 

1. Understand the topic

Before you hit the keyboard, make sure you have a clear understanding of the topic. There are several ways to familiarize yourself with the topic given for the essay. If you have difficulty understanding the subject, get in touch with your teacher or instructor and ask for clarifications. Conduct some preliminary research and try to gain some insight into the topic. 

2. Research the topic

Look at the topic from different perspectives and try to focus on it from an interesting point of view. For this, you will have to do some research and understand the topic deeply. Look through some related guides and books. 

When it comes to conducting research, following the digital path is a smart idea. You will find lots of related information on the internet. There are numerous sources of information. So, you have to choose the right sources. 

3. Draw an outline


If you can come up with a detailed outline, you will find the rest of the process a lot easier. An outline will give you a sense of predictability. It will help you know what you are exactly going to write in the essay. As a result, you will be less likely to go off-topic. 

From drawing an outline to giving a finishing touch, the entire process of writing an essay takes time. This is why many students these days are using professional writing services. These services work in a pretty straightforward way. You just have to hire a writer and request the writer to make your essay. Busy students, especially those with part-time jobs find these writing services helpful. 

4. Start with a catchy introduction

Writing a strong introduction is important because, to some extent, the introduction determines whether the reader will read the rest of the essay. The beginning can be an anecdote, the findings of an interesting study, or some related information. Use a strong hook that compels the reader to keep reading. 

5. Analyze the main ideas and points in the body paragraphs

Layout strong arguments that pique your reader’s interest. But make sure that your ideas are not one-sided. Argue both sides and take a balanced position. Here are some other things to consider when presenting your arguments. 

Also, do not present more than one Idea or argument in a paragraph. Put the strongest arguments first. Use evidence to support your points, and double-check the reliability of the evidence. 

6. Make sure the sentences are not boring or monotonous

Use accurate, short, and concise sentences in your essay. Try not to use long and pedantic-sounding sentences. To avoid monotony, write sentences of various lengths. Lay the sentences in a short and simple manner. Write in a straightforward way so that even a 10-year-old can understand your essay. 

7. Engage your readers

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Use your own style to make your writing engaging. Do not be too rigid when you present your arguments. A little bit of flexibility can make your writing fun to read. Do not hesitate to discuss related factors as long as they add value to your writing. 

For students who are busy with other important things, writing an engaging essay can be more challenging. If you find yourself in such a position, do not hesitate to get help. Your teacher, instructor, or an essay writer can help you make your essay engaging and fun to read. You just have to be open to suggestions for improvement. 

8. Write an unforgettable conclusion

The conclusion of your essay is as important as the introduction. This is the last part of your essay, and that is why you have to focus on its quality. Sum up your arguments and mention again the importance of the topic. 

However, do not make the conclusion too long. Just four to five sentences are enough. Make sure that the conclusion is not just a rephrasing of the introduction. 

9. Edit and proofread your essay

Consider it an essential part of the entire process. Contrary to what some students tend to think, editing and proofreading are not the same. Editing refers to making major changes in the structure and language.  As Metrotimes mentioned in the article about 5 best editing and proofreading services, professional essay writing service also offers proofreading services.

On the other hand, proofreading involves checking and fixing typos and grammatical errors. t may not be easy to find errors in your own writing. So, give the essay to someone else to proofread it. A professional essay writing service also offers proofreading services. To save your time, consider getting the help of a professional proofreader. Be humble to the person who proofreads it. Remain open to suggestions. 

However, here is something worth mentioning: if you avoid the most common mistakes when writing the piece, you will not have to make major changes in the editing phase. If the essay is well-planned and well-written, you will not have to spend a lot of time editing it. 

Final thoughts

If you are serious about improving your writing skills, you already know the fact that there is a mysterious element in the act of writing. But if you keep that mysterious element aside, there are concrete steps that can be immensely helpful. We hope you will with an outstanding essay and keep exploring the beauty of language.