How to use LinkedIn to market cannabis

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is popular amongst career seekers and employers. It allows individuals to connect with employers and businesses whenever there is an open vacancy. It helps them get hired. But that’s not the entire story. There is to LinkedIn, then meets the eye.

LinkedIn is also a hub for individuals who wish to create social connections and have access to good content.  LinkedIn is a trusted platform and can help those in the cannabis industry to market their products and services. You can build brand presence, recognition, and powerful customer relationships effectively and easily.

LinkedIn is one of the few social media platforms that helps and allows cannabis businesses to market their products. Because social media platforms such as Facebook have completely banned the advertisement of cannabis-related products. This article will guide you on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage and market your cannabis business.

LinkedIn and cannabis

LinkedIn has over 700 million users, which makes it an ideal platform for marketers to promote their products and content. LinkedIn also has less strict policies regarding marketing cannabis products as compared to other social media platforms. LinkedIn policy states that you cannot run ads about over-the-counter, illegal, recreational, and prescription drugs as long as you aren’t selling them in the content. This means you can create ads about cannabis benefits, industry news, and events. Such content will attract customers and drive traffic.

Start your journey

One of the hardest parts of the marketing journey is the beginning. Do not be stressed. Once you start marketing cannabis on LinkedIn, everything will fall into place itself. With time you will learn what your customers want and what their requirements are. This will allow you to serve them according to their needs. Here are a few tips you should remember.

  1. Make sure your posts have links and different images because this tends to engage customers. Adding videos is an even better idea because it instantly attracts the customer’s attention.
  2. Your content should be engaging so that the leader is propelled towards contacting you. You can add links to your website because LinkedIn loves links.
  3. Use hashtags; Hashtags are a great way to increase traffic and viewers. Hashtags direct customers to your page. Whenever a user searches a term, LinkedIn directs it to your page. So make sure you use as many industry-related hashtags as you can but do not overdo them.
  4. Ask people to share your posts—your friends, family, employees, and customers. Give them a reason to share your post. This will increase the number of viewers as well as your brand’s awareness.
  5. The cannabis industry is changing and evolving as we speak. New laws and policies are created regarding cannabis, and society’s perspective about cannabis is also changing. In order to succeed, one must be well aware of the changes and should adapt accordingly. Stay ahead of the changes so that you can benefit from them.

In a nutshell

LinkedIn is a platform that has immense potential for marketing your products and services. But it is not used to its full potential by most businesses. LinkedIn can help you grow your business and make a firm stand in the market. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to kick start your marketing adventure on LinkedIn the right way.