How to Smoke Weed for the First Time: Myths & Tips

If you are a first-time cannabis user, you might want to know everything associated with it. It can be daunting for you if you have heard a lot of frequently touted myths as well. This article aims to dispel some of these myths while also giving you a few tips to ensure that your first time is pleasant high without any worries.

Be Selective

Make sure you choose a good quality strain. Get good quality cannabis and tread softly. It is perfectly okay to start with bland cannabis, tiny dabs, and smaller sessions before moving on to more potent strains. Do not do edibles for your first attempt. Choose to roll a joint or get a bong or pipe for the best results.

Stay Hydrated

Cannabis will dry you out, no matter how many times you have had it before. It becomes even more obvious after the high has worn out or you have woken up, whichever happens first. Make sure you consume as much water as you need both before and during your trial. You will not be comfortable walking around with a dry throat and dry, chapped lips, so for a perfect high, stay hydrated. 

Schedule Your First High

You are likely to have a good sleep after your first time with marijuana. This is why it is essential to schedule the attempt. Make sure you have nothing planned for a few hours. A large TV screen, lots of snacks, and a good group of friends are highly recommended to guarantee a good trip. 

Your first try will determine your outlook towards marijuana, so setting the right tone can go a long way, even for better highs in the future. Postponing anything you may have planned to a later date is probably a good idea, as you might wake up a bit tired and feeling heavy.


Inhale the smoke and hold it in your lungs for some time to actually experience the effects of the high. A few puffs and you are all set to go.

The Myths

While these tips will give you a good high, there are a few myths surrounding weed that we need to get rid of.

Myth 1: Weed Kills Brain Cells

Marijuana does not affect the old memories or information stored in the brain. All it does is give you a short-term high.

Myth 2: Weed is Addictive

Marijuana is in no way physically addictive. While there have been cases of people developing dependence, it is a psychological phenomenon. You can keep control over the amount you want to use

Myth 3: Weed is a Gateway Drug

There is a social stigma in some places that claim that the use of marijuana will eventually lead to the users moving to hard drugs. The truth is that people chose to do hard drugs irrespective of whether or not they use marijuana. Many hard-drug users have coped with their substance abuse and overcome them with the help of cannabis.

Myth 4: You Can Overdose on Marijuana and Die

Weed overdoses can create temporary paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety. It is, however, highly unlikely that you can consume enough marijuana to stop your heart or die.  In fact, a 1988 petition outlines that a human would have to consume 15000 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes for it to be a lethal dose that could potentially kill the user.

Myth 5: All Weed is the Same

You can find different strains of weed with varying potency.

We hope you use this article to get rid of any stigma associated with marijuana due to any of these myths you might have heard. Have a good first git, and use these tips to enjoy your marijuana for the first time.