How To Protect Your Intellectual Property As A Music Artist

Intellectual property is one of the most challenging properties to protect and maintain out of all your private properties. This is simply because intellectual properties are an intangible possession that belongs to you. A typical example of intangible properties are logos, slogans, symbols, ideas, or even lyrics to any song. 

These properties are difficult to secure because any person could claim that they thought of the idea first. The only way to have a strong foundation when you want to defend intellectual property is by having a trademark on them. 

If you happen to have an idea for a logo symbol or a name for your business, you must consult a trademark attorney immediately to keep your other competitors from stealing your idea. For indie musicians and music artists located in the city of New York (or any city of the world), you have to choose the best of the best New York trademark attorney that would gladly offer their services to you. 

But what if you want to protect your intellectual property as a music artist? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. As long as it is intellectual property, a trademark attorney will be pleased to assist you. However, hiring an attorney is not enough. 

As a music artist, you need to be knowledgeable on the different ways on how to protect your intellectual property. To help you get started, here are some tips on how you can protect your intellectual property.


Trademarks are one way of how you can protect your intellectual property. Whenever you want to preserve your band’s name or stage name, you can use a trademark. For example, your band is called “Professor X,” you can apply a trademark to that intellectual property, preventing other bands from using that name. 

It is vital to apply a trademark to your name or brand name, especially when you are famous because people are starting to know you through that name. If you allow others to use your name, they can take that as an advantage to steal some views or have fewer fans because of confusion. 


Another way of protecting your intellectual property is called a patent. You will use this when you, as a musician, want to protect valuable things or designs that you made out of your music. Let’s say, for example, that you are a drummer and your fans know you because of the fantastic design of your drumsticks. To prevent others from stealing that design for their same, you can apply for a patent and protect your intellectual property.


If you already have created several kinds of music, you can apply for a copyright to protect your music from stolen. After releasing any type of song, the first thing that you should do is to copyright it. This is because others might steal your beats, keys, and lyrics when you don’t copyright them. They will be taking credit for your hard work if you won’t protect your intellectual property.

Intellectual properties are valuable possessions that you must not neglect. Some artists and successful people in business started from a single random idea that made them successful. 

When you think that your ideas and invention will be great, protect your intellectual property immediately and use the following steps mentioned above.