How Elvis Presley Influenced Modern Online Casinos

Elvis Presley was a legend in more ways than one. Besides being extremely talented and multi-faceted, the King changed the music and film industries for good. 

But another niche that benefited from his qualities was gambling, and later, online gambling. Modern online casinos draw inspiration from Presley’s songs and see him as an icon.

In this article, we inspect the impact Elvis had on what we now call online casinos.

A Brief Look Back

Nowadays, everyone knows the lyrics to Presley’s Viva Las Vegas. But perhaps you’d be surprised to learn that at the time, the tune never hit the charts.

For those who are not familiar with this era of Elvis’s career, here’s a glimpse down memory lane.

Elvis Presley rose to fame with the ballad Love Me Tender and rode that bandwagon for a while. Several years later, the king of rock ‘n’ roll went into the army and returned in the early 1960s. As reported, his comeback was a make-or-break gamble. What did he do? He focused on movies, his long-lost passion.

Within a 20-year-timeframe, Elvis Presley filmed over 30 movies. Some fiction, others non-fiction, these motion pictures also include live concerts and TV specials. If you haven’t, make sure to give Jailhouse Rock from 1957 a watch. You’d be shocked to see how often the imagery from that picture is present nowadays.

The shining and borderline addictive personality of the musical royal had the whole world hooked. From relaxing watches to thrilling and thought-provoking dramas, Presley covered it all.

But in 1964, Presley filmed Viva Las Vegas and recorded the same-named title track. Almost instantly, the motion’s picture soundtrack became the unofficial anthem of Sin City.

But it seemed to most a passing fad. Few recognized the potential the future hit song would have 60 years later.

Modernized Vegas

In retrospect, we can mark the path that Viva Las Vegas took to enter the modern digital gambling scene. The song inspired myriad online slots, with some even holding his name in the title. What’s more, there are even online roulette games that are named after the legend of rock and roll.

With immense win potential and offering hours of endless fun, these games are an excellent way to spend your free time. Through them, the atmosphere of the capital of Nevada is transferred onto screens and displays. Nowadays, anyone can play Elvis online slots on their computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

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In the world of online gambling, Elvis is just as legendary as in music. Even in non-Elvis games, you can hear melodies inspired by this energetic performer. His stirring nature has left many industries in awe decades after. No one can dispute the impact Presley exerted while alive and still does as his legend lives on.

This inspiring and influential individual deserved his place in the Hall of Fame alongside Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and John Lennon.

Legacy Lives on

The influence of Elvis Presley doesn’t seem to be dying down, nor will it ever. If anything, younger demographics are learning about this behemoth as he’s growing on them.

Elvis Presley left behind rich filmography and immersive, cinematic masterpieces. His discography lauds 24 successful studio albums and over a dozen soundtrack albums. So, if you’re new to Elvis and don’t know where to start, we don’t blame you. But Viva Las Vegas is always a good call.

In the long list of his hit songs, you may spot Girls! Girls! Girls! and the 1967 Double Trouble. The man who was 10,000 years old did not stray away from holidays, and also released a Christmas album in 1971.

Also, if you’re Nashville-born or simply a fan, 1976 From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee might be up your alley. Experience the rollercoaster of emotions as the giant in a white suit strums legendary melodies.

The year 2021 marks 6 decades since the release of Presley’s sixth album Something for Everybody. And just as the lyrics say, there is indeed something or everybody in online casinos. In memory of the king of music, play a song of his and hum to its notes. Who knows, you might find yourself spinning some slot reels today!