Best DJ Equipment and Where to Buy It

If someone asked you what is the one thing every DJ should have, what would you say? Great beats and catchy melodies are probably at the top of the list. But what good are those if your equipment is mediocre? To really kick off your music career, you need the best DJ equipment out there. Nothing less than that will do.

Luckily, DJ equipment is not too hard to come by. In fact, we’ve already done most of the research for you, which we have compiled in this short list. Now, all you have to do is choose your favorite and buy it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top picks!

1. DJ Turntable: Pioneer DJ PLX-500-K

You can’t call yourself a DJ if you don’t own at least one turntable. And if you ask us, there’s hardly any out there that can compete with Pioneer’s PLX-500 model. It may look quite simple at first glance, but its vibration-damping, accurate audio playback, and high-quality vinyl sound easily place it at the top of the list. 

What’s more, you can quickly produce digital recordings by connecting this turntable to your PC or Mac. All you need is a USB outlet, and you’re ready for a recording session. It’s as simple as that!

And finally, every DJ loves scratching and blending songs together. Well, this turntable allows you to do that with ease, whether you are a professional or an amateur. So grab a Pioneer DJ PLX-500-K as soon as you can and let the fun begin!

2. DJ Mixer: Numark M2Black

If you want an excellent but affordable DJ mixer, you can’t go wrong with Numark M2Black. This mixer has two channels, but that’s more than enough to give you complete control of the sound, recording, and turntable settings. Whether you’re at a party, a wedding, or just showing off your skills to your friends, you’ll capture an audience in no time.

In addition, both of these two channels have three-band EQs that will help you shape the sound just the way you want it. As if that’s not enough, this sleek DJ mixer is fully portable, so you can easily bring it with you to any venue and set it up in no time.

3. DJ Controller: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

If you don’t want to buy a turntable and a mixer separately, you don’t really have to. Simply purchase Native Instruments controller, and you’ll own both of these devices in one! Not only that, but you’ll have control over every single aspect of the music you’re playing, whether it’s the FX, the tempo, or the recording.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 also features seamless software integration, especially if you use the program by the same brand. Even if you don’t, though, you can still connect this controller to software of your choice. However, some of the features might not be available.

4. DJ Headphones: Sennheiser HD 25 

Can you even imagine a DJ without their trusty set of headphones? We certainly can’t, so we’ve included one of our best finds on the market. Sennheiser’s headphones are affordable, noise-reducing, and durable. In addition, their sound quality is out of this world — you’ll simply be blown away when you hear it.

The only downside we can think of is that these headphones aren’t too comfortable for prolonged wear. That might not be a major drawback for you, but it’s still good to keep in mind.

Best DJ Equipment Conclusion

Now you finally have a good idea of the kind of equipment you should get. So, all that’s left is to choose what you need from this list. Buy DJ equipment today and impress everyone you know with your incredible skill!