31 Curious Facts about Love

Love is a feeling on the verge of emotions, deep affection, and attraction. Love is the basis of life, as well as the struggle for its search and retention. Without love, it’s hard to imagine a full life and harmony. 

We all experience love, but what do we know about it? Look at these curious and interesting facts about love that you didn’t know.

  1. It takes about 5 minutes to make love appear.
  2. The ideal partner for love doesn’t exist, but there are many suitable ones. 
  3. A lot of people try eastern Europe dating and find their love on dating sites.
  4. We don’t fall in love by chance but subconsciously look for a suitable person. 
  5. Romantic feelings called “love” often fade away after 3 years. 
  6. Before marriage, a person falls in love at least 7 times. 
  7. A breakup with the person you love activates the part of the brain that is responsible for physical pain.
  8. Some psychologists say that we unknowingly fall in love with people who look like our parents with whom we have unresolved problems. 
  9. The chance to fall in love is enhanced by touches and soulful conversations. 
  10. Women care more about love and are more deeply immersed in relationships. 
  11. About 25% of people in the world will never find a soulmate or will be unhappy in marriage. 
  12. Men fall in love not only with beauties but rather with younger girls. 
  13. During separation, we feel physiological pain as in trauma or illness. 
  14. Relationships most often end after 3-4 years of being together, and then after 7-8 years. 
  15. Usually, men date girls younger than them by 3-5 years. 
  16. While falling in love, a man pays attention to appearance, and women prefer inner qualities.
  17. When two people hug or kiss for a while, the brain releases hormones oxytocin, which helps relieve headaches and migraines and soothe nerves for at least 4 hours.
  18. First impressions and eye contact are some of the most effective ways to attract someone for the first time. Most people fall in love through eye contact for the first 30 seconds.
  19. Jointly experienced dangers contribute to the emergence of mutual love between a man and a woman much faster than in a normal environment.
  20. If a couple in love looks into each other’s eyes for three minutes, then their heart rate is synchronized. 
  21. Happy people find it easier to fall in love. 
  22. Long courtship is likely to lead to a long, happy marriage. 
  23. Love makes people in love less productive; for example, it decreases their ability to concentrate and perform tasks. 
  24. For true love, distance doesn’t matter.
  25. Erotomania is a psychological disorder in which affected people believe that a certain person is in love with them. 
  26. Over time, people living in a happy marriage become more and more alike.
  27. Love improves both the emotional and physical condition of a person. 
  28. According to one meta-analysis, people under 50 years of age are 12% less likely to develop vascular disease compared to divorced and single people.
  29. Not only people fall in love once for a lifetime (monogamy). Many animals also experience a feeling of love for only one partner. Such animals are beavers, otters, wolves, swans, black vultures, albatrosses, steppe voles, barn owls, emperor penguins, and many others.
  30. The romantic phase of love lasts no more than a year because the brain can’t constantly maintain this exciting state of being in love. 
  31. Oxytocin and vasopressin can suppress high testosterone levels, which explains why men with high testosterone levels are less likely to get married, are more violent towards their partners, and more likely to get divorced.


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