Why Does Online Baccarat Have Limited Bonuses?

Baccarat players are always looking for freebies that they can capitalize on. When you invest a portion of your hard-earned money in baccarat, it would make sense to expect a few bonuses from time to time. Why do players like bonuses? First and foremost, bonuses are opportunities to win money without investing real money. You would be surprised at the large number of players who have reported wins on bonus spins. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a bonus tossed into the mix once in a while. Have you ever wondered why online baccarat offers fewer bonuses than other table games? Find the answers in the content provided in the article below.

High Payout Ratio (RTP)

Players initially look for games with a high Payout Ratio (RTP) because it increases their odds of winning big. With this said, baccarat’s RTP is 98.94 percent when opting for the banker bet, which is higher than the tie and player bets. While only slightly higher than the player bet’s RTP, the RTP for the banker bet is enough to increase winning profit only slightly. The tie bet offers the lowest RTP at 85.64 percent or 95.15 percent as far as payback goes. 

Depends On The Casino

Since baccarat has a high RTP right from the get-go, most online casinos opt to not offer players bonuses. Is this far? Well, the casino seems to think so. As far as the players go, casinos are not reporting a decrease in baccarat wagers. 

If you are going to continue playing baccarat at Togel online, you may as well get used to the idea of not receiving bonuses. Players who demand bonuses will need to stick with playing slots and roulette.

Simplistic Versus Complexity

Casino games are measured by how difficult they are to master. When baccarat is compared to poker and blackjack, there is really no comparison. Poker and blackjack are sophisticated table games while baccarat skills are fairly simplistic. Baccarat, poker, and blackjack feature high RTP. While all three table games have high RTP, baccarat has the fewest number of bonuses. Some experts believe the fewer number of baccarat bonuses is contributed to its simplicity.

Believe it or not, some players base their game decision on the difficulty level. Some lean toward games with simple skills while others prefer more complexity. The question still remains are more players wagering on simple games or complex games. If more players are wagering on baccarat and other simple casino games, it could support casinos’ decision to offer fewer bonuses for simple games and vice versa for games of complexity. If this is the case, casinos may be trying to even their player numbers out across the board.

Its Just Table Games

Online casinos across the industry have bonus restrictions, which include a broad range of games, including baccarat. Other bonus restriction games include craps, French roulette, Red Dog, poker, and blackjack.


When it comes down to it, there is no rhyme or reason why baccarat does not offer more bonuses. If you are looking to increase your bonuses, you will need to start playing games with lower RTP.