Slots Volatility: Is it important?

Slots Volatility: Is it important?

The simplest answer to that question is yes. The longer answer is slightly more detailed and complex – click to play.

Why is slot volatility important?

The volatility of slot machines dictates uncertainties. It also shows how much they can pay out throughout its duration.  That’s why it’s a vital feature of any online or physical casino. It provides you a hint as to about what sort of gamer the slot is targeted for. Casino gamers are all versatile. Everyone who plays slots has a different style and a different budget. Volatility can help gamers to determine the optimum slot to suit their casino needs.

The different levels of volatility

Slots have different levels of volatility. You can research the slots before going to a casino and find out the volatility of the slots you want to play. Online slots also offer players the volatility rating so they can decide the best slot for them.

Low volatility

A common and frequently used rating. Low volatility is recommended for beginners and risk averse gamers. If you just want to have some fun with a few friends or have a risk-free game, choose a slot with low volatility. The advantage of these slots is that you can play for as long as you like (in moderation to your budget). You are also more likely to get frequent wins, be aware they will unlikely be life-changing amounts. The variations of the minimum and maximum jackpots in slots with low volatility are minimal.

Medium volatility

This is a level of volatility that confident or gamers with ‘fake’ confidence like. If you are feeling lucky, you will probably choose this type of slot. It is designed for gamers who are aiming for high jackpots but don’t have a lot of money to risk (which is basically every casino gamer). Medium volatility slots are full of free spins and additional bonuses. They are made for gamers who like to win a large amount and regularly. This slot volatility is also aimed at gamers who like to have fun but have a higher risk tolerance than new gamers.

High Volatility

Slots with high volatility are targeted at risk-takers. Any gamer who loves risks should choose a slot with high volatility. Not only is this slot version risky it is also slow. You have to be patient and have a steady hand to play on slots with volatility. If you have a large bankroll, this is the slot for you. You need to wait until you have finally beaten the odds or when your budget has disappeared. Bonus features are also scarce and infrequent in slots with high volatilities. Once in a blue moon though your waiting and risks may pay off and you could win a life-changing amount.