Music and Gaming – A Match Made in Heaven

From the iconic Mario soundtrack to the renowned Tetris theme tune, music and gaming go hand in hand and have done for many years. Imagine playing a game without sound? It just wouldn’t be the same experience. When it comes to manifesting a story, music is a great tool for game developers, and with constant tech advances, it’s becoming more immersive than ever. 

Why Is Music Momentous?

Asides from controlling our senses, soundtracks set the scene, captivate the player and offer insight into the story being told. From eerie sounds designed to scare players senseless to upbeat tunes, created with the intention of lifting player’s moods, dynamic soundtracks set the foundations for a multitude of video games. The end result? An enhanced player experience.

It’s not only traditional video games that use music to improve their games. Nowadays, many casino game developers create original soundtracks to their online slots games, which adds another layer to the overall experience. By browsing through the list of casinos at, you can find plenty of slots with unique soundtracks and audio effects.

Another good source for finding casinos with high-quality slot machines is Although the site is in Swedish, most of the casinos listed accept players from around the globe. 

Delving Deeper Into Music And Video Games

With online gaming becoming one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, set to generate a cool $159.3 billion in profit this year alone, it’s little wonder gaming developers are pushing all the stops out to create the most immersive, life-like experiences possible. Picking the right soundtrack plays a key part in this. The reboot of Doom, a first-person shooter game, is a prime example of how music can make or break an experience. The game’s celebrated soundtrack, put together by Mick Gordon, has a lot to do with its success. His Rip and Tear track has players on the edge of their seats, as they flee from satanic demons intent on hunting them down. This particular theme tune, with its heavy metal notes, has the ability to draw gamers in, forging an instant adrenaline rush that is unrivaled by an array of other gaming soundtracks. Grand Theft Auto is another game that uses music to create a life-like experience, players even have the option to choose from a wide range of radio stations. 

How Games Can Be Advantageous to Artists

Just as music plays an important part in the video game experience, video games can also be pivotal to the careers of many musicians. Even Esports play a part. Popular games including Madden and FIFA both boast expertly created playlists. These playlists comprise a range of global artists, including Avicii, Lorde, and The Black Keys. Some of the lesser-known musicians featured have gone on to become breakout stars. Now that sporting games are releasing more intensified narratives, including FIFA 17’s ‘The Journey’ and Madden’s ‘Longshot’ there is a bigger need for music to help portray the story at hand. This is the perfect opportunity for artists, game developers, and record labels to cash in on audiences who long to be highly engaged and captivated throughout gameplay. 

Newfound appetite 

Although we’ve established developers and musicians have been working together for some time now, both commercially and culturally, it’s the newfound appetite amongst millennials that has sparked fresh interest, particularly in regards to virtual entertainment experiences. Whether this is the way the world was going, or it’s something we’ve been propelled into because of the pandemic, it’s a partnership set to reach new heights. Not just during gameplay but also in terms of interactive live streams, advertising, launch events and after-parties. There is a whole host of opportunities surrounding musicians and gaming. 


In the past, musicians have stumbled upon many challenges when trying to endorse social music experiences. Hurdles including app volatility and VR reach hugely impact costs and quality. The gaming industry on the other hand has huge expertise in this area, particularly in terms of powerful platforms, huge reach, and pricing models. Take games like Fortnite as a prime example, DJ Marshmello’s select, in-game performance invited players to indulge in a free virtual show, providing their avatar was present at Pleasant Park, the concert’s location. For a short period of time, Fortnite transpired from a third-person shooter game into a virtual stage.

As video games have become more established, the sound effects and tracks have grown too. With the advent of pandemics and players’ desires, this trend is set to get bigger and more advanced in the very near future – great news for both the video game sector and the music industry combined.


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