Most Popular Movie Theme Songs of All Times

No movie is complete without a successful soundtrack. They all need a supporting background score to maintain a steady flow of the movie, and those songs amplify the intensity of those scenes, creating a masterpiece within the movie itself. 

Just how the Bollywood film industry depends highly on their soundtracks to carry the film forward, and they do so effortlessly. Hollywood has such masterpieces movie soundtracks as well, which grips the users from their core whenever they stream them anywhere. And these are some of the evergreen classics that have become a wedding staple for all the newlyweds to walk down the aisle to or have their first dance together. 

We have listed below some of these tracks that became a sensation in all these movies and had a separate fan base of their own. The list also includes a few covers and originals, and some of the most epic collabs of all time, earning billions of views on Youtube. 

But these songs are incomplete without the movie scenes, and you must watch them all in order to enjoy the background and story behind these songs truly. All these movies are available on CBC, and you can easily access CBC from anywhere to watch the film with these unique soundtracks online. So without any further wait, let’s get going and learn more about the most popular movie theme songs of all times.

Can’t Help Falling in Love 

Singer: Kina Grannis (Original Singer, Elvis Presly)
Movie: Crazy Rich Asians
Year: 2018

One of the most popular Elvis Presley songs of all time with multiple covers from bands like Twenty One Pilots, and finally acquired by the most popular Asian movie in 2018, Crazy Rich Asians. Played during the “Wedding of the Century,” the song became a total hit, filled with all the emotions and tears from a sacred union. 

Love Me Like You Do 

Singer: Ellie Goulding
Movie:  Fifty Shades of Grey
Year: 2015

The song that made Ellie Goulding a sensational hit, and further romanticized the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey, adapted from the novel of the same name. Love me like you do paved the way for movie soundtracks and helped others take a bold risk of curating a separate soundtrack dedicated to the movies. 


Singer: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
Movie: A Star is Born
Year: 2018

There had to be a hit Lady Gaga song from her first movie; it is impossible not to have one. When the talented singer stepped into the world of acting, she brought all her magic and curated it into one of the best songs, Shallow. Not only was it loved by the viewers, but it also received Academy Award for Best Original Song, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music, and the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Song. That’s a mouthful! 

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever 

Singer: Zayn, Taylor Swift
Movie: Fifty Shades Darker
Year: 2017

Receiving the MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration, this iconic collaboration of Zayn and Taylor Swift was something that no one saw coming. And we got to see a totally new avatar of Taylor Swift, with her tempting and sultry outfits, complemented the whole theme. And Zayn was, well himself, no surprise there. 

Can’t Stop This Feeling 

Singer: Justin Timberlake
Movie: Trolls
Year: 2016

A bone-shaking track from Trolls, just like the video, this song will make you dance your heart out, no matter where you are. It received numerous awards, and rightfully so, Justin Timberlake was right; we really can’t stop this feeling.

See You Again 

Singer: Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth
Movie: Furious 7
Year: 2015

It was commissioned to be in the soundtrack for Furious 7 and a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013. The song became an instant hit after its release and became a memoir for Paul Walker.

A Thousand Years 

Singer: Christina Perri
Movie: Twilight Breaking Dawn
Year: 2011

The ultimate wedding track for all the people out there, A Thousand Years, brings in alot of nostalgia from our teenage days when the Twilight series was the best love story of all time. Not sure about that, but we are sure about this beautiful song the movie series gave us with Christina Perri’s best calming voice. 


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