LDP Radio

LDP Radio is a radio station based out of South East England, UK. The radio station is primarily found via the LDP Radio website but can also be watched online via FaceBook. The great thing about LDP Radio is that it is the complete package for live house music. Below, we will discuss what makes LDP Radio fantastic for anyone looking to stay in the know with the latest in dance music, urban music, and, in particular, everything related to the UK house music scene.

The first aspect that makes LDP Radio great is the music the radio station plays. These aren’t just random hits you would hear on any other radio station. All of the music played has been hand-picked by each DJ to showcase the best tracks that are currently popular in the house music scene at any given point in time. Each DJ that plays on the station has a unique style; this means there is something for everyone. LDP Radio creates an excellent environment for people to connect over the music they would otherwise not be listening to.

LDP Radio doesn’t just stop at music. The radio station has much, much more. The big difference with LDP Radio is that it acts as a community for both its member DJs and its fanbase. Whether you follow the station on their social media channels such as Facebook or tune in via their website, there is always scope to get directly involved with the station community. On the website, in particular, LDP Radio has a live chat box where listeners can interact with each other and request songs and shoutouts.

Maybe you are an avid listener of dance music, an old-school house music fan, or perhaps you want to reconnect with music and use it to get you through the hard times we have been facing recently. Whatever the reason, LDP Radio was created to bring people from all walks of life together through great music. Although LDP Radio has explicitly formed due to the UK lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now grown over and above that crisis. It has become a place where everyone is equal, everyone is welcome, and they all have a common interest – dance music. 

If you want a place where you can feel welcomed, where you can get involved with a great community or just where you can listen to some quality music that is well thought out, expertly mixed and broadcast live every day of the week, then look no further than LDP Radio. You can visit the website, get involved on Facebook or follow the station on any of their social media channels. If you want to listen to some music first, to see if you like their style, you can also check them out on SoundCloud to hear the mixture of dance music played regularly by the DJs that make up LDP Radio.