Is It Easy To Trigger The Free Slot Spins Bonus Round In Low Volatility Games?

Is It Easy To Trigger The Free Slot Spins Bonus Round In Low Volatility Games?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick and easy answer to this.

Firstly, knowing the volatility of a game alone only tells us so much; We only know the likelihood of having a winning spin. The lower the volatility, the more likely we are to have regular wins. This gives us no information about accessing bonus rounds at Storbonus.

So How Do You Find Out What Is What?

One thing we can do as a preliminary filter to finding the best slots is to also consider the RTP (Return to Player), which we should be looking at anyway really. If a slot has a low RTP and low volatility, it means that players win often, but likely will be winning less than they have staked, creating a death by a thousand cuts scenario – you get the sense of reward, but in actuality, you are slowly bleeding your funds away.

If a slot has low volatility and high RTP then we are looking at something potentially good as this means that we will statistically be winning regularly and having good returns on the stakes that we make. That being said, when it comes to getting into the free spin bonus rounds, there are more mechanics involved than simply just the volatility and RTP. If it were that simple then we would all easily turn profits, but that would mean that it wouldn’t be a good business decision to make a casino.

What Mechanics Do We Need To Look For?    

Now that we have established which slots are best to play in regards of returns in general, we have to look at the game-by-game functionality of triggering the free spin bonus rounds. With this changing between each slot game, we will have to talk in general terms and use our individual common sense to be able to discern whether the specific slot we are interested in is likely to actually give us access to the free spin bonus round.

All slot games will give us access to the information in how their specific game triggers the bonus round, we have to assess the probability of those conditions being met.

If we have a 5 reel by 3 rows (the classic layout) with a total of 10 symbols, including a wild and a scatter symbol. Now let’s imagine the conditions to trigger the free spin bonus round is to land 3 scatters anywhere on the board.

Thinking Like a Mathematician

This won’t be exact as there are conditions beyond our reasonable understanding.

Let’s look at how many tiles we have on the board. 5 times 3 is 15. So we need 3/15 to be one symbol out of 10 possible symbols.

With even odds per symbol, theoretically, we would land 1 of each plus 5 duplicates, which means there are 50 different possible combinations in the 5 duplicates. Ask yourself, what are the odds that 2 additional scatters will be the scenario to happen.