Essential Tips On Recording The Perfect Song

Record Solo For Practice 

With the advancements in technology, it has been rather easy and cost-effective to have your own home studio. It is essential that every singer practice recording. Recording microphones have the ability to pick up subtle qualities in the voice that you may not typically hear. We all know that our voices have various qualities as opposed to how we hear ourselves. It is essential that we are able to hear and understand our recorded voice in an effort to practice before hitting a professional studio. In fact, all that is required are headphones, a microphone, a laptop, an audio interface, and general recording software. There are a number of affordable options that are available. You may also be interested in online courses that are available to learn how to properly record and produce your music. You can check out some of the best selections here. 

Love Your Sound 

I cannot tell you how many singers I have heard that constantly say how much they hate the sound of their recorded voice. However, if you are planning on a profession in signing, you need to learn to love the sound of your own voice. If you don’t love the sound, you are going to learn how to improve it. It may be a problem with your technique. Or perhaps you need to experiment with the tone. In many cases, it just may be a problem of not listening to your voice enough. For many people, this is usually the solution to the problem. Your voice rarely changes, you just need to take the time to listen to it and appreciate it. This is going to allow you the opportunity to truly judge your sound and improve upon it. 

Rest and Vocal Health 

One essential aspect is to ensure you are well rested before you begin any recording session. You should always ensure that you are well-rested at least two days prior to a session. Additionally, good vocal health is also very important. You should try to refrain from speaking and practicing as much as possible prior to your recording session. Likewise, try to stay away from coffee, dairy, and alcohol as they have the ability to cause excess mucus, reflux, and dehydration. Last but not least, always rink as much water as possible. 

Warm Up 

If you are looking for the best results, you will always want to warm up. Even if you feel you are ready to hit all the notes perfectly, take a few moments for some simple warm-up exercises to ensure your voice can last. 

Book Your Studio For The Perfect Day 

If you have a choice in the matter, always try to book your studio session at the point of the day you usually sing and feel your best. Try to stay away from early morning sessions as your voice and body are not properly ready to begin. 

Time Limit 

Try not to book your session for more than a few hours at a time. Once you have been singing for a few hours, your voice is going to fatigue and you are just wasting time and money trying to get the best sound for your recording. 


There is nothing wrong with trying to get every note perfect, however, it is more important to focus on bringing emotion and message to the song you are singing. You do not want the pressure of delivering perfect noted to dilute the overall message of the song. 


Try to know the songs best as possible and practice it until you know it. It is best if you have the opportunity to sing the song a few times in front of a live audience. Knowing the lyrics by heart is going to allow you to deliver the message of the song with pure emotion to help create something special in front of the studio monitors.

Know What to Bring to the Studio 

You really never know what a studio is going to have available, so try to bring in your own supply of snacks, honey, and approved beverages. And as always, bring in your best possible voice. 

Your Mix 

It is highly important that you have the right balance in your headphones. It is important that you are able to hear your voice as well as the track, and the entire mix has a decent volume. There are a number of singers that desire to have reverb on their voice as it allows them to relax and hide any imperfection. However, I do believe that it is best to have no reverb at all. This is going to allow you to take full control of your performance as you will hear every detail and know what it is going to take to get better.


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