7 Tips To Stay Healthy at Home in 2021

As we get going in 2021, we’re all looking for ways to stay healthy at home. This last year of COVID-19 quarantine, lockdown, and working remotely has led us to look more closely at our personal and home health habits.

We all know it’s smart to stay healthy, boost our immunity, and make earth-friendly choices in our lifestyle and home products. That’s why it’s helpful to consider easy ways to make healthy choices. 

Here are 7 simple tips you can start today:

Make Health a Priority

Like many people, you know health is a top priority. What can you do to make this priority a reality? Health experts advise keeping data is the fastest route to success. Whether you use an app, a journal, or a post-it, keep track of your goals, record your actions, and celebrate your achievements.

Keeping a daily journal is engaging and can be very useful in succeeding in your fitness and nutrition goals.

Be A Health Detective

The most effective way to be a health detective is to seek out science-based testing when you believe there might be a problem. Companies like HologicWomensHealth.com create cutting-edge diagnostic tests that are used by health providers across the country. Because of access to more testing, cervical cancer has plummeted from the leading cause of cancer deaths in women to #15. Catch problems when they are small and greatly improve your chances of a longer, healthier life.

Don’t immediately reach for strong pharmaceuticals when your joints start bothering you. Seek out alternative ways to deal with arthritis pain. Do a little detective work before making an appointment with the doctor. You could save a lot of time and money by being more proactive with regard to your own healthcare.

Take a look at where you could make healthier choices. Look at where you could improve, change, stop, or start habits. While it may be comfortable and familiar to eat rich foods, avoid exercise, and not drink water…in the long term, these daily choices have an undesirable impact.

If you’re noticing that you’ve gained weight, are less active, or are making unhealthy choices—take action. It is easier to make a change towards healthy habits—especially if you start today. 

Stop Using Unhealthy Products

Are there products that you have in your home that you know are unhealthy? This is a moment of truth for many of us. We know that we ‘shouldn’t’ really indulge in heavy fats, cigarettes, or fried foods. Yet, if you look in the pantry, what do you find? 

Experts recommend this simple action: don’t buy it. If the unhealthy item is not in the house, you are that much less likely to indulge.

Start Using Healthy Earth-Friendly Products

Walk around your home with a clipboard, and take notes to see where you could swap less healthy products for more earth-friendly ones.

In the last year, we’ve seen just how much our purchase habits affect our lifestyle. If you were in a community where stockpiling toilet paper was an issue, you know how challenging it can be to get healthy, organic paper products.

Consider using bamboo toilet paper to create an earth-friendly bathroom.

Check out the laundry room. Are you still using single-use fabric dryer sheets? Start using wool dryer balls instead. These eco-friendly balls are good for 1000s of dryer cycles instead of one-time use. 

Check out the kitchen. Opt for recycling plastic bags instead of grabbing one each time you go to the store. Bring a favorite shopping basket to spruce up your grocery runs. In the bedroom, you can also opt for environmentally friendly products too. Linenly bamboo sheets are sustainable and eco-friendly making them great for the environment. Additionally, bamboo sheets generally considered a better bedding option due to their breathability, temperature regulation, and antibacterial properties.

Take Care of Your Heart 

A healthy heart is a key to staying healthy and active. You can support your heart health in small and big ways every day. It may be that you can reduce salt intake without giving up your favorite foods. You can cut out unhealthy fats. To learn more about healthy heart habits, check out heart.org.

Upgrade Your Healthy Home Habits

Making healthy choices is a process for continually improving your healthy life and home. Whether you consider yourself lazy about sustainability or highly engaged, choosing to upgrade your habits is something you can do with ongoing mindfulness.

Also, give new products such as a pemf mat a try.

Get Everyone Involved

If you’re looking for a way to stay close with your friends, family, and housemates—this is it. Get everyone involved in making healthy choices. Use your creativity to invent ways to make it fun and tailored to your tribe.

Let your imagination run wild: 

  • Have a zoom call with friends to share ideas
  • Create a reward for the best home-health suggestion
  • Start a healthy-choice contest amongst your family
  • Set up a friendly competition for tracking healthy habits
  • Connect with neighbors and get farm-produce delivered

From keeping an active lifestyle to eating well, to choosing earth-friendly products—you can make smart choices for a healthy home, a healthy life, and a healthy world.