3 Ways to Honor a Veteran or Military Relative

One of the last and the most crucial gifts that you can give to your deceased special someone is a beautiful funeral ceremony. Giving an honourable funeral is the final act of love that you can offer to them before they can finally rest in peace. 

But how do you provide the best funeral ceremony if you have a deceased Veteran or a Military relative? This question is often asked by those families who have a dead Military and a Veteran family member because they want to make sure that the funeral is enough to bring honour and respect to their dead heroes. 

If you also have a deceased Veteran or a Military family member and are conscious if your funeral ceremony plan is enough to give them honour, you need to continue reading this article. Here are some ways to provide the most honourable funeral ceremony for the heroes of this country.

1. Flag cases

If you want to honour your dead Veteran or Military relative, make sure that there is an American flag symbolizing their death for the country. This is why having flag cases in their funeral ceremony would give them the most honourable funeral ceremony that they hoped for. 

Flag cases have various styles, such as the medallion display, shadow boxes, or the classic flag display case. One benefit of flag cases is that you can place any personal memorabilia in the flag case. Flag cases are also beneficial even if you plan to have a different kind of funeral ceremony. 

If you want them to be cremated, but you still want to give them an honourable and respectful funeral by having any presence of the American flag, you could buy a memorial pedestal urn that is big enough to fit a flag case. Doing this allows your cremated Military or Veteran family member to die beside the flag they protected.

2. Ceremonial bugle or Taps

The ceremonial bugle is a known funeral tradition played whenever there is a dead Military and a Veteran. You can request one in the funeral ceremony that you planned to have an honourable funeral ceremony for your dead hero. A single bugle plays the military version of the ceremonial bugle. 

Still, there have been some revisions of the bugle’s tune because it was passed from generation to generation. Suppose you cannot request a ceremonial bugle. In that case, you can also consider playing the National Song of Military Remembrance on a stereo player with a high-quality recording of the tune. Though having a live bugler is more uplifting, you can still give honour to them just by playing the National Song of Military Remembrance.

3. Flag folding and Presentation

Another way to give honour to your dead Military or Veteran family member is to perform the act of flag folding in their funeral ceremony. This action is one of the most significant tributes that you can give to them, signifying their service to the country. 

Doing this will not only provide them with honour, but it can also assure them that their death will always be remembered as an act of bravery and patriotism for their country. You don’t have to worry because getting the flag for the funeral ceremony is simple, and you have to fill up the VA form of 27-2008 and ask for guidance in doing the act of flag folding to them.

There are many more funeral honour elements that you can do to make the funeral ceremony honourable for your dead Military or Veteran family member. But these 3 ways would be enough in giving the heroes of this country an honourable and respectful funeral ceremony.

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